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Abundant Life Building – former Oral Roberts Ministry Headquarters


On my evening run I passed this big ugly hulk just south of downtown. It is the Abundant Life building that was built in the mid 1950’s by Oral Roberts as headquarters for his ministry. The building has been abandoned for many years now. It was last used as an office by Southwestern Bell in the 1980s. More information can be found at the Historic Tulsa and Abandoned Oklahoma sites. Abandoned Oklahoma has some shots of the interior including the marble entryway.


The building is strange because it has no windows. It has changed hands several times and plans are announced for redeveloping it. I just cannot see how that would work for such a big ugly building with no windows. I hate to see old buildings torn down but it seems that options are few for this structure.

Birthday Weekend 2017


Me and Rascal. Rascal adopted us. He just showed up at the house one day years ago. We tried hard for about a half day trying to find his owner. He is the smartest, most affectionate dog we have ever had.

I had my birthday last week. Or I should say birthdays. A birthday is much too important to be just one day. One day only is very harsh, don’t you think? Fortunately, my family plays along with the concept. I’m a blessed man for many reasons.


Look at that big ole cake, look at the old man huffing and puffing, look at the young son looking doubtfully. Just so you know, I didn’t get them all blown out with one puff. Overconfidence I guess.


And Heather sang.


Look at the big pile of cards and gifts. Like I said I am a blessed man. I don’t deserve all that do I. My favorite line from Clint Eastwood’s character is “None of us get what we deserve.” That has an entirely different meaning to it.


And I played some happy music on my way to work.


Saturday morning we worked with the rescue kittys at the the Petsmart in Broken Arrow. We do that twice a month or so and it is really fun. The cats are fun. We are all about rescue critters in our house. You can see this one really likes Heather. Everybody really likes Heather, including me. She is awesome.


Friday night she took me out to dinner in the Brady District during the area’s First Friday celebration. I found this beauty in the Philbrook Museum downtown.


Yes indeed, life is good, and I am a blessed man.

Turkey Mountain Skywatch

TurkeyMountain Skywatch-Impressions - MonetI75pctEdit

A late afternoon view of the trees adjoining a trail on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain. Many of the trees have already leafed out but the oak trees always take their time. And I love the soft blue skies. We are having more of a normal spring with lots of rain and I’m loving it.

How about you, are you loving Spring so far? (Autumn for my friends in the southern hemisphere?)

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Ruby Tuesday – Happy Valentines Day


I found this Valentines Heart painted on a tree on Tulsa’s River Parks trail on Saturday afternoon while son and I were taking a walk in some very unseasonably nice, warm, and sunny weather. I hope that you are all ready for the big day. Cards, Candy, Wine, Jewelry, Dinner Reservations? Get your act together!


Speaking of Jewelry, Rustic Cuff is the big thing in Tulsa. They make very cool bracelets that can be combined in various combinations to form “stacks.” Rustic Cuff has quite a following including my wife who really enjoys her bracelets. The company is a local concern and it has been great watching the owner proceed from working the local craft shows to now four stores in Oklahoma and Texas. They make great reasonably priced gifts.


And this is one of my MIL’s dogs, Reba all outfitted in her Valentines scarf she got after a haircut.

Have a great Valentines Day!!

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Skywatch Friday – The Super Moon a Day Late

Super Moon A Day Late-Edit Topaz Textures

Here is my Super Moon photo!! Actually I was a day late. I flew up to Idaho to visit my Dad in his Assisted Living Center and I neglected to take my moon camera. So I took this the day after the Super Moon Full Moon so I was close. I have a Canon SX40 SuperZoom and boy does it take great (at least I think they are great, okay) moon shots. I used to use a tripod with it but now I just hold in my hands on the auto setting a let her rip (as we say in Oklahoma). And if you know me, you know I cheated. If the skies are clear I haul out the Canon every time the moon is full and take a few shots . Of course the moon being the moon it doesn’t ever change much so I could really be cheating on this. But you know that I would never do that.


Dad and I. I think this is like his third or so ever selfie. He has a lot of catching up to do. Not that he feels the need for it. He doesn’t understand why everybody spends all their time looking at their phones.


This is a door wreath that my sweet, crafty, and considerate sister Ellen made for Dad. If you look closely at his US Forest Service Arm patch from his uniforms, a Smokey Bear, and a University of Idaho rifle team patch from his letter sweater. Dad had to drastically downsize when he moved early this year and Ellen was able to recycle some of the items into this wreath.


I took a run on Idaho Falls’ river trails. It was ridiculously warm while I was there but is frosty now. Just so you know I’m going to recycle this pic at some point in the future. Idaho is just so beautiful!

I stayed in a separate room at the Assisted Living Center. I think he is in a good place. The staff is very nice and very patient and they know everybody. The rooms are nice and the food is pretty decent. They have lots of activities planned and a couple of vehicles to get everybody to their doctor’s appointments and shopping and such.


The Falls that give the town its name are very dramatic. I never get tired of going to see them.

So we had a good visit. I got him to go to an exercise class and we both had a great time. The two instructors were very nice and inclusive and very supportive and the other students were having a great time so hopefully dad will go back.


A cool link between Idaho Falls where my Dad lives and northeast Oklahoma where I live is that Wilson Rawls, who wrote “Where the Red Fern Grows” wrote it while he lived in Idaho Falls. He and the book are celebrated with this sculpture in front of the city library.

But I didn’t take my camera so I took the pic of the moon after I got back to Tulsa.

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Bridget Jones Baby with Renee Zellwager, Colin Firth, and Patrick Dempsey

Heather and I went to see Bridget Jones Baby on a rainy Sunday afternoon. What a treat it was. It is a dreaded RomCom but this is great. The movie open with Bridget tearfully celebrating her 43rd birthday. She is single, she has no one in her life, life is miserable. Soon thereafter her love life gets better twice within a week. First with a hookup at a glamping music festival with Jack and then later with her longtime beau, then married, then suddenly not, Mark.

Okay, so she got a little slutty, no big deal except a short while later she finds out she is pregnant and this is when the fun begins. First she tells each guy about her condition without telling her that their might be somebody else. You can see each man kind of falls in love with the idea with being a father. Then she has to tell them that there are two prospective guys. That is when it gets interesting as each guy wrestles with the idea of who they really love, Bridget, or the baby? How this plays out really elevated the movie for me beyond the usual romantic comedy.

The movie was totally satisfying and didn’t leave too many loose ends. Ms. Zellwigger at 47 years old is still sexy and expressive as ever. I can recommend this movie to anyone. Leave the kids home please.

More Rowers on the Arkansas River

Arkansas River Rowers Header

I’m cheating today. My post is a photograph that is also my new header photo. I captured it last Tuesday during my weekly after work run. Unlike most photographs I haven’t done anything to it besides cropping. I’m afraid to mess with it. I love the light and shadows on the bridge and the reflection of columns in the water and the different textures of the water. Sometimes it is best to live things alone.

We had a terrible tragedy last week here in Tulsa. A black man, Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer. The whole thing sucks. Crutcher was killed for no good reason and the police officer by all accounts was competent. So now she is charged with manslaughter and Crutcher is dead. Things are kind of chill right now but there is a lot of tension in the air.  And on social media the idiots on both sides are taunting and insulting each other. Oh bother.

So what is up where you live?

“At the Shelters, When the Preachers Give You Jesus, They Give You Food Too”

I got to the office early one day this week and went to a little breakfast place close to the office  to eat and and get a cup of coffee. There was a woman there who looked to be in her mid to late 20’s and she had her some ear buds plugged into her cell phone and she was busy yakking away  in a much too loud voice which seems typical of people who use those kind of earphones. I was ignoring her even though I was irritated slightly that she was so loud.


And then she started yapping away about she had much more valuable skill sets than what she was getting paid for. That kind of thing always amuses me so I started paying slightly more attention to her and noticed that she sounded like she was going through some sort of telephone interview or maybe a screening interview for a later real interview. So I felt kind of sorry for her for going through such a thing in such a public way. Of course she was the one being loud.


Then she started answering questions. It was hard to tell since I was only getting one side of the conversation. I heard something to the effect of “Well, yeah, I’m living with somebody” and then “Well no, he is not my boyfriend but he thinks he is.” And then what me made almost spit my coffee all over the place was “Well, yeah I live with him but I try to downplay the sex but I need a somewhere to live until I can get a job where I can make enough money to get my own place so I put up with him.”


About the same time another conversation picked up. There was a young guy who although dressed in clean neat clothes had a look about him that life was kind of hard for him at present. He was kind of hanging out at the back of the place where I was and another lady who seemed to be doing paper work. She asked him something to the effect of “I’ve seen you in here before I think.” And he said, “Yeah, I hang out in here quite a bit.” And she said “How come you are not eating anything?” And he said “Well, I don’t have any money but they let people have samples of coffee.” and she she said, how come you don’t have a job  and he said that he had problems with seizures.

Catron Building - West of Downtown

And then she said How long have you had seizures? And he “Well, I was okay but I went through a period of time when I was on a lot of drugs and that is when I started getting the seizures. And she said “What kind of drugs? and he said “Anything I could find, meth, the cigarettes they sell on the street,  alcohol. Whatever I could find, I tried. And she said are you still on drugs. and he said “No, I quit all that but I still have the seizures” and she asked if he was taking anything for them and he answered that he had some meds but he had no insurance so he kept his stash for when things got bad.


So then she said that he had seizures because sin had entered his life. He said that he knew that. So she said that if he would pray with her for Jesus to enter his life then the seizures would go away and he said okay and she asked if he would pray with her. So she did the sinners prayer with him where he asked for Jesus to come into his life. Then she told him that he didn’t have to worry about the seizures any longer because Jesus would take the sin out of his life.


And then he asked if he would buy her a bagel. And she said no! And he said that at the shelters when the preachers gave him Jesus they gave him food too. So she said, “Have you accepted Jesus before?” And he said, oh yeah lots of times. And so she said kind of angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me?” And he said “Because I’m hungry.” And she said “Well I’m not buying you anything” and he said, that’s okay, don’t worry about it. And she was like “I can’t believe you didn’t say anything.” And he said “Sorry!” and walked out.

I literally don’t know what to say about all this. Except I might have to quite listening in on other people’s conversations.