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Snow Daze

We woke up to snow this morning. It has been five years since we had a winter storm warning so have been lucky.


I broke my lensball out and took a few photos. Not too bad. This is our one remaining tree in the front yard.


And the street in front of our house.


And our front porch

Shoveling Snow

This is before I shoveled our driveway of the inch or two of snow we had.

Shoveling Snow

And after. Maybe it didn’t need it but I’m a big believer in shoveling. Growing up in snow country it is sign of moral lassitude if you don’t shovel your driveway and sidewalk. So you can tell I am living an upright life as least as far as shoveling goes.

“Grass, Soil, and Hope – A Journey Through Carbon Country” by Courtney White

Grass Soil Hope Cover

This book caught my eye at the “Quick Pick” section in our local library. It piqued my interest as I am really interested in climate change and what can be done about it and of course Carbon is at the center of that debate.

The book is about a lot of things including carbon sequestration in soil via sustainable agriculture that builds up the soil and reduces the amount of fuel and fertilizer used while maintaining the the productivity of the land to provide food. I like win/win solutions to problems and reframing conflicts into cooperation and the practices and principles put forth in this book makes me very hopeful. I am very much interested in hope now.

You can get Grass, Soil, and Hope at the library!

Our World – Traffic

I took a little bit different route to work the other day. I wanted to drive up Riverside Drive parallel to the Arkansas River for some reason.

January 2020

When I got to the river I saw Turkey Mountain covered up with mist so I pulled off the road and took this photo. I thought it would be neat to be up in the misted part but hey I had to go to work.

Want to see what the opposite view was. I turned 180 degrees and this is what I saw.

Rain Traffic-2-1-Edit

And that is why we call Turkey Mountain an Urban Wilderness. It’s a refuge in the midst of madness.

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Our World – Mystery House 2016

For good or bad I have over 75,000 images in my archives. Of these, maybe three or four are really good. But I’m keeping all of them. The thing about image archives is that if they are not tagged then they are not of any use. even though I can literally remember taking every single one of the photos. Every once in a while I run across one that I don’t remember like the following.


When I am sitting down commenting on posts and such I also open up my untagged photo part of my archive. I have over 10,000 photos without tags. At least I have dates to kick start my my memory and I jump around the dates to keep things interesting. Doing that I came across the above photo. No tags but a date of April 17, 2016. Also, I can tell that I edited the photo and probably posted it on instagram. I started to remember being in New Orleans back then and taking a street car from downtown to Audubon Park and seeing this bar. And then I started looking at other photos I uploaded that day.

Update, Mystery Solved, In the great way that Al Gore’s Interwebs works, a facebook friend of mine, had a friend, a professional photographer who lives in New Orleans who knew immediately that this was the Circle Bar on St. Charles Avenue. I love serendipity.

French Quarter, April 2016

This bar with the beautiful doors and mysterious interior. New Orleans is a photographers paradise.


These prehistoric looking birds at Audobon Park. Cormorants. Their feathers get wet so they hang them out there like that to dry them out. Good luck drying anything in New Orleans, the air is so thick and humid.


And the big beautiful trees. The park itself is not that much. Hardpacked ground and kind of scruffy. That is just like most of the south though and that is its appeal.


And the streetcars. It’s hard to take a bad photo of a New Orleans street car.


K Paul’s restaurant in the French Quarter. A few years before my wife was with me and we had dinner there. We ate at one of the tables on the balcony. We spent hours and a had a great time. One of the most expensive dinners I ever had and worth every dime.


Even the bicycles have style in New Orleans.

As you can tell I am a big fan of the city. I hope to be back soon. Meanwhile I am linking with Our World Tuesday

Skywatch Friday – Reading Partner Sky

Brand new Route 66 attraction in Tulsa. I love it. It emerges out of the ground with all sorts of loops and whoops. This is on the morning sun east side.

So I forget whether I shared this little bit of information yet or not on this humble little page of mine. I am retiring at the end of April this year. I’ll have 43 years in the natural gas business and that seems enough to me. And so I want to go do other things. Things that don’t involve meetings especially, things that involve helping people directly. Like those guys at Home Depot, you know what I mean. You say excuse me but I want to blah, blah, blah blah, and they say well you are going to have to have this, this, and this and you need to watch make sure that blah, blah, blah. I like that, on your feet, helping people. Only problem is that I am a piss poor handyman if you want to know the truth. So I need to do something else.

This is on the shady west side.

So a few months ago I got on the advisory board of the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition. Urban Wilderness is something I can get into and have enjoyed my experiences so far. We had a meeting a brewery and meetings are not too bad if you have a beer to sip on.

And from the southeast.

So the other thing is I signed up with an outfit that helps grade school kids learn to read. It’s called Reading Partners and it involved working an hour a week with a particular child helping them learn to read. That is something I can get into. I may not be the greatest Dad in the world but I read to my son Logan a lot. Almost every single night of his life from the night we brought him home from the hospital to when I told him at age eight or so that he was on his own with the Pokemon books. When I read to him I sold it as much as I could. I used different voices and emphasized inflection and tried to be as silly and goofy as I could. I have learned that little kids like goofy a lot.

And straight south. Strangely enough I like this vantage point the best.

So I heard about this organization and thought that what better thing can I do for somebody than helping them learn to read. Reading is such a gateway to the world. So the other day I went to east Tulsa for an orientation. Afterward I decided to proceed with it and they asked if I would mind working with a child in their highest need school. Nope, that is what I am here for. So I am not sure what I am got myself in for but next comes an introduction to the child I’ll be working with and then four sessions with coaching. Wish me well!! I think I can handle it. I am not a natural with children but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I decided it needed a bit more motion. I love my iphone apps.

Be thinking about me!! This structure, a Route 66 gateway on the east side of Tulsa is close to where the orientation was and where the school I will be working with the child is located. Hey if you have any other ideas for retirement gigs that involve directly helping people let me know!!

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Our World – Rock Creek Bridge on US66

Rock Creek Bridge is an old school truss type bridge located on the southwest side of the Tulsa suburb of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It is pretty fragile and not rated for automobile traffic any longer and US66 traffic roars by on the adjacent modern bridge and you can park here and inspect it all you want and imagine the hundreds of thousands of cars who passed over it on vacations and work trips. Maybe you drove over it at some point. I love the old Route 66 landmarks such as this.

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Our World – Seen on the Trail

One of the popular tags on the video sharing app, Instagram, is #SeenontheTrail which features photos of what people see while hiking, running, bicycling, horseback riding or whatever on a trail.

Turkey Mountain Trail 1-1-Edit

A good example of is the trail itself. I just cannot resist a single track trail like this. I have to know where it goes, and even though in this example at Tulsa Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Park, where I know where it goes and have been on it a lot, I still feel compelled to get on it and go.

Turkey Mountain Tree Bark-1-Edit

I take lots of pic of trees, their leaves, and their bark. I am a lousy outdoorsman because I don’t know what too many of the trees are. My father, the Forest Ranger could tell at a glance all about trees and what kind they are and what they are used for. It was great listening to him but not much soaked in.


And here is what’s left of Turkey Mountain’s “Oklahoma Rock.” It used to be standing up and was a great place to take people for photographs and such. Vandals have done a pretty good job of breaking it. I hate vandals. Southeast and southwest Oklahoma are broken off. That’s my glove that I put on the rock to provide a sense of scale.

So that is what I have seen my trails lately, what about you?

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Our World – Hiking on Turkey Mountain

Turkey Mountain Cables
Those cables have been there a while!! They look like some sort of oilfield type thing to me.

We haven’t been very good churchgoers lately. At least to the kind of church with brick and mortars. This cold foggy morning I got up and attended the church of Turkey Mountain.

Turkey Mountain Wagon Wheel Lake
Wagon Wheel Lake (my name for it)

It was cold and it was foggy but I felt instantly at home. Getting outside is my way of reconnecting with myself and the infinite.

Turkey Mountain Seep
The seep from Wagon Wheel Lake. Hmm, whats up with the bright color and there is an oil sheen as well. Turkey Mountain used to be ranching, farming and oilfield way back when.

My brother is now in Tulsa at a skilled nursing facility but it is just another of the waypoints he will be on as he recovers. The skilled nursing facility he is in right now is well recommended but they are lacking in a number of things now that he is in it and it eats at me. Is any place good enough for a loved one?

Turkey Mountain Christmas Tree
I found me a Christmas Tree. Somebody told me that there was at least one ore on the mountain. Yes its cook but it is also graffiti. I hope whoever put the ornaments up, takes them down after the Christmas holidays.

And he is here only two more weeks and then he moves on to the next step. Will it be long term care or assisted living? Will he get better, or not?

December 2019 from Phone
Bicyclists. The Mountain Bikers are kind of hard to put up with but you know, that out volunteer everybody else by far on the Turkey Mountain work days.

The Church on Turkey Mountain doesn’t have any answers of course but it strengthens me for confronting these things.

One of the many abandoned oil wells on Turkey Mountain
The rod clamp has at least one bolt missing and another is loose. I am not too worried though.

Fortunately my sister, her husband, and my wife are strong partners in this.

I googled Skinner Jack Box and you know what. They are still in business, still making rod stuffing boxes. I sent them an email about his find. After decades their product is still at work.

Some things are too hard on our own.

Shale rocks just waiting to break somebody’s ankle. Turkey Mountain is a layer cake of this hard shale and softer sandstone. The sandstone is softer and erodes away leaving the shale to break apart.

So at the end of my hour and half I went to see brother Bob. He is doing okay. No therapy on Sunday. We talked a while, watched some football and then I left him to go home. He is very brave, he never complains about what life has dealt him. He has run 26 marathons and over a hundred half marathons so he knows what pushing through when the going gets tough entails.

He’ll get through this race as well.

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If You Show Me Yours, I Will Show You Mine!

I have an instagram account with yogiab as my handle. I generally post only one or two images per day. Many of the images migrate either to or from this blog. I follow several hundred accounts. If you have an instagram account please give me a follow, I’ll follow you back. I am really into interaction and appreciate others who interact as well. If you follow me and don’t like what you see, just unfollow or mute me. I’m a big boy and will survive. I already follow several fellow bloggers.

There’s an App called “Top Nine” which will find your nine most popular images on instagram for 2019. Here’s mine!

Top Nine Instagram Images 2019

So starting on the top left and working like a book, left to right, and down to the next row..

First is crane from one of the many construction projects going on in Tulsa these days. My most popular post. I have no idea why.

Next, is a sunset over the Arkansas River. I took the photo from my office building. I have taken hundreds of such photos. I will miss the vantage point when I retire at the end of April 2020.

Third, is a photo of the Arkansas River underneath the 22nd street bridge during our flooding last summer. It was toward the end of the day and so the golden light along with the very muddy water created some nice lighting. The flooding caused some misery for thousands of people in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

The next photo, middle row on the left, is from me and Heather’s thirty year anniversary trip to southeast Oklahoma at Beaver’s Bend State Park. Southeast Oklahoma is one of the best kept secrets around. If you are thinking of flat land and cows, you will be surprised at the mountains, clear running rivers, deep forests, and lakes in what is called “Little Dixie.”

Next is Mount Moran as seen over the Snake River in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. A magical place that I have been seeing all my life and never get tired of. Heather and I went there this past October.

The third photo on the middle row is the famous Moulton Barn on Mormon Row, also on the Grand Teton National Park. This may be the most famous barn in the world.

The next photo, the leftmost on the third row is from a business outing I took to northwest Oklahoma. I stopped and snapped a photo of it and posted it several years ago. The yellow plants are a canola field. Canola is a lot more popular since they changed the name from rapeseed several years ago. I posted the photo again this year as part of Jason Lee show at the Philbrook museum. This photo was selected for exhibition in the exhibit and you can see it until the end of next week at the downtown Philbrook here in Tulsa. It is hanging right next to another entry of mine also. Just bragging on myself I know.

The next photo is Tulsa’s beautiful Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. An art deco masterpiece designed by Bruce Goff. It may be the most beautiful building I have ever seen. I probably have hundreds of photos that I have taken of it.

And lastly is a moon shot. I have a Canon SuperZoom camera that I use for the moon. I hold it in my hand and shoot on auto. I had messed with fstops, tripods, and such for years and then I saw a youtube video where they said to just fill the viewfinder with the moon and let the camera’s auto settings figure out the rest. And you know, it works.

Anyways, try out instagram and give me a follow. I love viewing other people’s images.

Skywatch Friday – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Museum Sculptures-1-Edit

From our trip last October to Jackson. We spent most days hiking but one day was too bitterly cold for that so we did other things including visiting the fabulous National Museum of Wildlife Art overlooking the Elk Refuge. Filled with great art, most of in the warm building but I loved these pieces out on a patio overlooking the valley. There are no bad views in Jackson Hole.

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