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Signs, Signs, – Tulsa’s Librarium

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The Tulsa City County Library has closed their main library downtown to undergo a rather leisurely paced, not totally funded, multi-year overhaul. In the meantime we have a converted Homeland Store that has great wi-fi and a helpful staff. It is called the Librarium.

Librarium edit

Signs, Signs

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Signs, Signs, – Tulsa’s New Librarium

(Pic taken with my Sardina 35mm film camera. Nothing beats film, sorry, no offense)

The Tulsa City County Library just shut down their Central Library for a two year renovation at a cost near $50 million. Now, they don’t have that money in hand but they are hoping that they get it. Personally, the hope method of raising money has never worked out very well for me. But what do I know!

Tulsa's Temporary Central Library for the next two years, former Safeway Store,
(The grocery store closed in the early 90’s. I was witnessed a tug of war in the parking lot between a store employee and a customer pushing and pulling on a roast. Finally the customer gave up and jumped into a getaway care took off. Stuff like that is why they used to call the store the “UnSafeway.”)

To provide downtown users a library, they renovated an old Safeway Grocery store and loaded it full of books, computers, and lots of places to sit. They call it the Librarium.

(I took this pic before I went in the Librarium for the very first time. That is when I found out that there is a long bar along with window with stools for work stations. Everybody was looking at me.)

I think it works very well. It is a large open, well lit, space with a great feel to it. It is a little bit of a walk to it but not bad especially since the weather is turning cooler.

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(Don’t ask me how I know but it is impossible to disengage those dang ipads from the mounts. Take my word for it.)

It even has an “Ipod Lounge!” Reader Bill aka “The Tulsa Gentleman” tells me that Leon Russell used to work at this Safeway way back when. (I don’t hear any questions about who Leon Russsell is.)

Anyway I’ll be spending a lot of time at the Librarium for the next two years.

Signs, Signs

Signs, Signs – Central Library

I’m a big fan of libraries. Tulsa has an excellent system of libraries scattered all over the City and County of Tulsa.
Central Library Sign

Two views of the sign at the west door for Central Library of the Tulsa City County Library System.

Central Library Sign 2

You’ll find me at lunch at the library two or three times a week using their free wifi to play Scrabble and Words with Friends on my ipod or actually checking out books. I’ve been doing that for about 20 years now.

My fellow patrons are in doing their homework, listening to music, reading newspapers and magazines. For some, they are getting a respite from the cold. Everybody is treated with respect. I love libraries.

Signs, Signs

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