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Geometry on a Rainy Day

Geometry on a rainy day

Last week I was coming out the Subway on Denver Avenue when this bicyclist came riding by and I snapped the pic. Later on I realized how much I liked the geometry of the pic the stripes in the road, the curbs the cars lined up, the lines of the parking garage across the way with the rectangular openings. The trees even have geometry. The bottoms of the canopies are lined up and the tops of the canopies form a big wedge and the white Oxy Building with its lattice design.  Against this we have the bicyclist with his green helmet, the bright red car, and if you look carefully, the gas lights across the road.

Have you ever liked a photograph but then had to figure out why?

People Watching on First Sunny Day at Woodward Park


Saturday the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining at Woodward Park. It’s that time of year when Spring is Springing but the trees haven’t leafed out yet.


The critters were out scrounging around.


People were flocking to enjoy the sun and the quiet of the place.


This couple went old school with a blanket and a dog. I wish we had dogs that could just lay down and be quiet in a public place. No way, especially with a bunch of squirrels that need a good barking and chase.


I was totally jealous of this guy or gal. I’d never seen a hammock that closes up like this. What a great place to take a nap.


Like I said, everybody was catching rays.

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