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Tulsa Holiday Weekend Colors

Hey it is the Labor Day Weekend and things are mighty colorful here in Tulsa.

Lafortune Park Play Set

Logan and I found this Blue play set at Lafortune Park. I had never noticed that it looked like a huge vacuum cleaner.

 Liquor Store with Yellow Sign

I went geocaching and found a cache at this abandoned liquor store with the very yellow sign.

Dish Shopping

Heather and I are in the market for dishes. Is it just me or does everybody find it hard  to find dishes?


Friday night Heather and I went to the First Friday Art Crawl in Tulsa’s Brady District north of downtown.  A good time was had by all. One of the galleries had red dresses for sale. Something about benefiting heart disease research for women.


I went on a geocaching jaunt earlier that day to Tulsa’s Oxley Nature Center. I found this yellow flower. You want to know what kind it is? I just told you, it is a yellow flower!


And I found some red berries. Don’t be asking what kind they are!


How about these refreshing drinks a Sisserou’s before the Art Crawl. Heather and I were doing a little precelebrating of our 26th wedding anniversary. Yep, I’m one lucky guy alright!!

What kind of colors have you seen lately?