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1955 Chris-Craft Cobra Speed Boat

Chris Craft

Last week son and I went to the Tulsa Boat Show and we saw all sorts of brand new boats all shiny and new with all the gizmos. My favorite was a wooden boat built in 1955, the Chris-Craft Cobra. I think wooden boats are beautiful.

Chris Craft

This one actually has a wooden hull with a fiberglass engine cover with a big fin at the back and sure looks sporty. Plus the cockpit has a car style steering wheel. It is really not good for anything besides zipping around lakes at high speed. It has a top speed of 55 mph which is plenty fast.

Chris Craft

Only 106 of these boats were ever made, all in one year so they are highly collectible. “Man of the World” says the Cobra is “…a breathtaking fusion of prewar wooden handcraft and postwar American modernism.” Check out the link, it has great pictures of the boat in the water.

Chris Craft

The old wooden speed boat just have a certain soul and warmth to them. Any boat though is a pain in the you know what to maintain and I suspect wooden boats are that in spades. But you know, it would be worth it to be styling, right? I can just see pulling that thing up to the yacht club to go have cocktails.

Chris Craft

Remember the movie “On Golden Pond“? They had a Chris-Craft wooden boat in it, a 1950’s model. Below is video with one of the boats used in the movie.

The old joke that boat owners trade with each other is “The two happiest days of my life were the day I bought my boat and the day that I sold my boat.” I used to own a fishing boat when I lived near Houston. I loved it but I sure didn’t mind selling it when the time came either. What about you? Do you own a boat or used to?

Logan and I Check Out the 2014 Tulsa Boat Show


Son and I went to the Tulsa Boat Show. I’ll show you what we saw. It costs ten bucks each to go in. Check out my pics and save yourself 10 dollars. Or check out my pics and go check it out for yourself. Bring $10 if you do. Personally I think it is well worth it.


We saw big boats and little boats and everything in between.


Logan found a boat that fit just right. A tri hull pontoon boat.


We saw a Tulsa Fire Department Boat


And some gigantic outboard boat motors. Son is over 6′ tall.


We also ran into a pirate. They have drone pirates now. Why not we have a drone air force, why not drone pirates.


I told son that I would sure like this for my birthday. He said that he hoped I got it. Kid cannot take a hint is what I say. Or maybe I’m the one who can’t take a hint. What do you say?


They had some really snazzy Indian motorcycles.


Son and I like the big fifth wheel trailers. They have digital televisions and fireplaces.


And bunk rooms.


And decks off the back.


And outdoor kitchens with grills, televisions, and refrigerators.  Some of them had two bathrooms!

We always enjoy the boat show. Or at least I do.

Have you been to a boat show lately? Do you even want to?

San Juan Whale Watching


About two weeks ago in Seattle we got up very early and clambered onto the Victoria Clipper III and headed off north in search of whales.


The vessel wasn’t very full so we got to spread out a little. Luckily they had lots of coffee on board an free refills.


And the boat could haul a** as we say in Oklahoma. It could have probably pulled a dozen skiers.


We saw all sorts of boats on the way, motor boats, big and small.


And sail boats, most moving with their motors.


And big ole houses right on the water.


And beautiful bridges.


We got to Friday Harbor and spotted this classy yacht, the MV Olympus. It used to be the governor’s personal yacht way back when and the subject of some scandal because of the cost. It is now privately owned and is displayed at classic boat shows. You can charter it if you want. You want to know how much?? Hahaha, well then you can’t afford it as they saying goes.


At Friday Harbor we had lunch. I went geocaching and found my very first Washington geocache. No lie, the photo above was taken at the cache site.


While hunting for whales we saw some spectacular skies.


And some harbor seals. They don’t really like Orca whales, but the whales love the seals.


We saw some deer on a wildlife preserve on an island.

And then finally!!

We gave up. I got this pic from the NOAA web site. (Sorry)


We would like to have seen some whales but we had a great trip anyway.


We saw some more great scenery on the way back to Seattle.


I never got tired of seeing the Space Needle. Seattle has to have the prettiest skyline of any city I’ve ever visited.  (Nope, hadn’t been to Paris, yet.)

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