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Chrissy R.I.P.


We had to have Chrissy, our big Maine Coon kitty put to sleep late last night. We noticed that we hadn’t seen her in a while so we searched the house and when we found her she was in really bad respiratory distress so we loaded her up and I took her to an emergency vet place. They put her on oxygen and got her settled back down. They took an X-ray and what they found was not good. Her lungs and abdomen where full of fluid and it looked like she had a huge growth on her liver. So as the vet recommended we had her put to sleep.


Chrissy was a rescue cat that we got as a kitten in 2001 or so. She was tiny for about a week and then she was twenty pounds. Or so it seemed to us. She kind of ruled the roost over the other animals. She didn’t hesitate whacking one of the other pets if they irritated her or just because. Any large flat surface in the house was tried out at least once as a napping spot


For some reason, my big stomach perhaps, she kind of became my cat. I wrote many blog posts, read newspapers, and watched television with her draped all over me complaining loudly if I had to move her. She took purring to a whole new level. It almost vibrated the whole house.


She put up with our hi-jinks in trying to be more fun but she didn’t like it.


And she was definitely an inside cat. Especially when there was snow outside.


Anyway she is now at that big fireplace hearth in the sky and we miss her.

A big shout out to Animal Emergency Center, Inc. here in Tulsa. They are really a class organization and their vets and employees really have a heart for animals and their owners.

Punxsutawney Phyllis

You have probably heard the news by now from Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania.


With all due respect to phat Phil in Pennsylvania we have our own weather seer right here in Oklahoma. Her name is Punxsutawney Phyllis. Phyllis has her own report.


Here she was whispering to me that she sees her own shadow.


Then she wanted to get back in by the fire. Now.

There you have it folks. Here in Oklahoma we have a lot of winter ahead of us, according to Phyllis. Do you want to argue with her about it? I wouldn’t if I were you.

Pet Pride – Chrissy


Chrissy is our big, fat, cranky, Maine Coon. She is the Queen of the house. The other critters have learned to steer clear of her. She may be big but she can do the three foot dash quicker than any of the others.


She likes me because I’m the only one in the family fatter than she is and it makes for good naps.

Excerpt from a pet blessing:

“Give us the grace
to see all animals as gifts from You
and to treat them with respect
for they are Your creation”

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Who is your favorite critter?