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Weekend Reflections Devon Tower

A coworker and I went to Oklahoma City Thursday to visit customers and go to a gas industry luncheon. We got downtown a little early so we wandered over to the Devon Building in search of a cup of coffee. The  building was just completed in March. In the lobby they have a spectacular reflecting pool. I was really fascinated by it.


The water is less than an inch deep and I love its wrapped around design. I’ll be coming back when I have more time and a better camera as all I had was my Ipod Touch.

I’ll be taking more pictures of the exterior. The photo below was taken about this time last year. 

Devon Tower 1

The building is really striking. It is about 850 feet tall and dominates the skyline for miles around. There will be an restaurant, open to the public, at the top that is opening soon. I hope the food will be able to match the view.

Devon Tower

Weekend Reflections

NF Waters on Wednesday – Rattlesnake Lake, Washington

On our recent trip to Seattle we took a day and drove out east an hour or so to Rattlesnake Lake.


It’s a very popular though not big lake and very beautiful.


No powerboats but lots of canoers and kayakers out and about.


Sweetie braved the ice cold water and sharp pebbles and waded out to these stumps. See that rock ledge behind her? That is Rattlesnake Ledge and there is a trail up there.


We didn’t make it up there but a lot of people did.

15_13 (2)

We had a great time. And no, we didn’t see any snakes.

Natures Footstep: Waters on Wednesday

San Juan Whale Watching


About two weeks ago in Seattle we got up very early and clambered onto the Victoria Clipper III and headed off north in search of whales.


The vessel wasn’t very full so we got to spread out a little. Luckily they had lots of coffee on board an free refills.


And the boat could haul a** as we say in Oklahoma. It could have probably pulled a dozen skiers.


We saw all sorts of boats on the way, motor boats, big and small.


And sail boats, most moving with their motors.


And big ole houses right on the water.


And beautiful bridges.


We got to Friday Harbor and spotted this classy yacht, the MV Olympus. It used to be the governor’s personal yacht way back when and the subject of some scandal because of the cost. It is now privately owned and is displayed at classic boat shows. You can charter it if you want. You want to know how much?? Hahaha, well then you can’t afford it as they saying goes.


At Friday Harbor we had lunch. I went geocaching and found my very first Washington geocache. No lie, the photo above was taken at the cache site.


While hunting for whales we saw some spectacular skies.


And some harbor seals. They don’t really like Orca whales, but the whales love the seals.


We saw some deer on a wildlife preserve on an island.

And then finally!!

We gave up. I got this pic from the NOAA web site. (Sorry)


We would like to have seen some whales but we had a great trip anyway.


We saw some more great scenery on the way back to Seattle.


I never got tired of seeing the Space Needle. Seattle has to have the prettiest skyline of any city I’ve ever visited.  (Nope, hadn’t been to Paris, yet.)

NatureFootstep Waters

Watery Wednesday – Idaho Falls

The family just got back from a visit to Idaho Falls, Idaho to visit my father. We had a pretty good time visiting and sightseeing.

One of the nice things about Idaho Falls are the.. , well the Falls.

The Snake River has a natural falls there. The City of Idaho Falls has captured some of that natural elevation difference and diverts some of the water through a bulb turbine to generate electricity. The city has generated electricity off the river since 1900. Presently the three bulb generators produce about 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually from the nineteen foot elevation across the Falls.

But there is plenty of water for the Falls. If it were anywhere else it might be a tourist attraction in itself but tourists who Idaho Falls are in a lather to get to the nearby Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton Park so they whiz right be the Falls.

They are missing out is what I say.