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Together Forever

Trees and Cables - Topaz Textures - Oily Hands

Umpteen years ago, who knows how many, somebody tied these two trees together at two levels with a very stout and thick cable. Now the trees have grown and the cable is part of the tree. Who knows why? Turkey Mountain is now a popular park in Tulsa but formally it had lots of oil wells, and hardscrabble rocky farms, and by legend alcohol stills. Many relics of its past are still on the mountain, foundations for oil well pump jacks, farmhouse cisterns and foundations, old flow lines and such.

I just love finding clues to its past and wondering what in the world happened.

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Outdoor Wednesday – Dance With Me

Winter Trees and Sky

I love trees, I love’m in the summer with all their leaves and I love them in the winter when you can see their bones. I love how they adapt to each other as they compete for sunlight.

This grove of trees looks like a wild dance party to me.

“Oh come and dance with me, my baby
Let’s dance, till we go crazy
The night is young and so are we…
…Let the music hypnotize
Let our bodies synchronize
One dance and you’ll be mine…”

Do you see it?

No? Do you see my son SuperPizzaBoy swinging to the beat?

Not only do I love trees, I love film also.