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Skywatch Friday – Rain Rolling In

Rain rolling into Orange Beach, Alabama

I’m on vacation this week in Orange Beach, Alabama, otherwise known as the Redneck Riviera. I’m being pretty much worthless and I’m taking lots of pics. It clouds up and then rains and then the sun still doesn’t come out but it quits raining and somehow that is okay. I’m sorry I’m doing Skywatch Friday on Monday but this just might be the only post I do all week!

Skywatch Friday

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NF Waters on Wednesday – Rattlesnake Lake, Washington

On our recent trip to Seattle we took a day and drove out east an hour or so to Rattlesnake Lake.


It’s a very popular though not big lake and very beautiful.


No powerboats but lots of canoers and kayakers out and about.


Sweetie braved the ice cold water and sharp pebbles and waded out to these stumps. See that rock ledge behind her? That is Rattlesnake Ledge and there is a trail up there.


We didn’t make it up there but a lot of people did.

15_13 (2)

We had a great time. And no, we didn’t see any snakes.

Natures Footstep: Waters on Wednesday

Friday Reflections – Chihuly Garden and Glass – Seattle

Chihuly Garden and Glass is in Seattle at the base of the Space Needle. It is dedicated to the glass artist Dale Chihuly and it is simply amazing. If you go make sure that you have plenty of time and that your camera is fully charged. It is simply amazing. The place is brand new and has room to grow.







We went through the galleries and gardens twice and still didn’t think we saw everything.

Weekend Reflections

Our World – Mount Rainier


Mount Rainier is hard for me to get my head around. It is an incredible (to this flatlander) 14,410 feet tall.


The weather at the top is much different than the weather at the bottom. In fact I think it makes its own weather.


Much of the time you can’t even see the top.


Then it clears off. It is very majestic.


It has glaciers year round.


That feed incredible waterfalls.


And Rivers, this one didn’t look like much but you should have heard its roar from way above the canyon.

Aside from the fact that it is not an extinct volcano, the mountain seems alive. It is dangerous also. About three people a year die in mountaineering accidents on the mountain.

Aren’t you glad we have our National Parks? I am.

Our World Tuesday

Midweek Blues – Beach!!


I’m afraid I’ve been burning everybody out on photos from my Seattle trip so here is a photo from last year’s vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had a great time in Seattle but urban vacations although fun are not very restful so we are probably headed to the beach next year. Gulf Shores was great but we like to go different places. 

Do you have a recommendation on a good beach vacation destination? We are definitely interested in what you have to say.

Midweek Blues

Our World – Seattle’s Pike Place Market


If you go to Seattle and you can only do one thing you have to go to the Pike Place Market downtown near the waterfront. Bustling is the word. It is the people watchers place to be. Yep its a tourist place, but if you are tourist, go for it.


Sights and Sounds everywhere. Not just the fish sellers but flower, fruit, vegetable, stands as well. Be sure and take your camera.

These are pictures from my Lomography Mini 35mm film camera.

Our World Tuesday