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Shadow Shot Sunday – New Years Eve Walk at Ray Harral Nature Park


Logan and I went for a little hike on New Years Eve. He had his wisdom teeth taken out a few days ago and he was supposed to be quiet but by NYE both he and I were pretty owly and needed some fresh air and walking time. I have a hard to shake sinus infection and so I haven’t been doing much either.


So off he went!! He isn’t into running much but he was pretty restless. We went to Ray Harral Nature Park in Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa. I kind of like it. It has lots of trails and not very many people. By planning your route you can get a couple miles in by varying the loops available.


The woods were grey but I did find a cardinal hiding from me in the shadows for a bit of red.

Ray Harral Bridge pre-Edit.jpg

I finally catching up with the kid. There is something about pedestrian bridges that I love. I alos feel compelled to tilt the camera. For some reason it seems more interesting.

How about you? What do you tilt the camera for?

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I wish everybody a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Shadow Shot Sunday – Linnaeus Gardens Shadows


I dropped the kid off at his Improv Comedy group today at drove up to Woodward Park and it’s fabulous Linnaeus Teaching Gardens. A small demonstration garden just packed with stuff but it is all so well designed that the density works. This time of year they generally have lots of shadows.


This shot had shadows of shadows.


I love the walkway to the Gardens. Lots of different light and textures.


Outside the gardens and inside Woodward Park I found this group of women getting ready for a shoot.  I thought they were an elegant group. I hope they don’t mind me stealing a shot.


I saw a cat and called, here Kitty Kitty, and here it came so that is probably his name, right? He was a curious cat. He may even be a watch cat. He inspected everybody who came by.  Kitty Kitty quickly became bored with me and walked off with a dismissive flick of his tail.

Have you ever been dismissed by a cat?

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Tulsa Shadows


Autumn is here and some of the trees are changing colors. We are several weeks behind friends in Colorado and elsewhere higher and further north.


There is still lots of green. I love this ramada at Guthrie Green just north of downtown. Nice and shady in the summer and sunny in the winter when all the leaves fall off.


Our downtown Library is reopening after a three year renovation. I’ll be going there later today to check it out. Solar heating, rainwater collection systems, revamped heating and air,  a 3D printer, enhanced technology. I haven’t heard anything about books. Do libraries still have books? You can depend on me to let you know.

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Shadow Shot Sunday at the Idaho Falls Zoo

They have more than animals at Idaho Falls’ Tautphaus Park Zoo.


They got some nice shady shadowy places to rest.


Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy took advantage of the bench.


We are back in Tulsa now and we are loading SPB up to drive half a day down to Texas to deliver him to a Summer Camp. We’re going to miss him! But we are going to have fun ourselves. I hope that we remember to go pick him up.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday – Early Morning Gas Company Shadows

Early Morning Shadows

First up, Natural Gas Lantern Shadow on the Parking Garage. The gas is how you know we are not Public Service Company of Oklahoma, the electric utility.

Gas Company Shadow 1

Backing off a bit

Gas Company Shadow 2

Second, the Federal Courthouse Flag and Shadows, from the Gas Company Office. Do you see both flag shadows?

Flag and Federal Building Shadow

Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers, family, and friends.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Botanica Shadows


I was in Wichita, Kansas recently attending an energy industry convention. While there I took a little time out to visit Botanica, Wichita’s wonderful little known gem of a botanical garden.


I have to tell you I’m not much of a flower person. I mean I love them but I don’t know one from another. I love gardens. To me gardens are much more than flowers. Flowers are very important of course but so is how they are planted in relation to the other plants and settings.


How the garden makes use of shadow and light is just as important as any other component. The key is how it all fits in. People go to gardens for the total experience, not to just look at plants. You can go to nursery to do that.


Gardens engage all our senses, sight, hearing, touch, feeling, smell. There is something ancient and comforting about being in a garden. I think the being is important. You should go to a garden and just “be.”


Of course, so that you can just “be,”  somebody else had to work their butt off.

I also posted about Botanica last year.

Shadow Shot Sunday