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Our World Tuesday – The Boxyard


They already have a bank with an ATM!!

I checked out a new shopping center in downtown Tulsa last week. It takes up a fraction of a city block and is constructed of thirty nine shipping containers. The containers were actual containers used in international commerce for the last ten years. Or at least that is what their website claims. It is called the Boxyard and I love it.


I was kind of semi aware of it and knew that it was built kind of quickly so I was expecting something kind of rough but to my surprise it looks very cool and the design is very attractive. It just opened a couple months ago but they already have several businesses open.


It is laid out on two levels centered on a plaza on the first level. They packed a lot of potential businesses in a relatively small space. They have spaces for both retail and food and beverage businesses. I’m intrigued by the whole thing because of its use of recycled shipping containers and the idea of a “micro” shopping area. Tulsa’s downtown is pretty frothy right now with new businesses popping up and people investing in renovating old buildings.


It has been a remarkable transition. When I first showed up in Tulsa twenty five years ago there was very little going on downtown. No restaurants, no bars, no retail, no nothing. Now there are lots of such businesses and there are lots of people living downtown and I think an active downtown is good for the whole city.


There is this gigantic “OPEN” sign you can see through the glass of this space for a bar on the second level. I’m looking foward to it actually being open during warm weather. Maybe Heather and I can have a beer up here on this patio of this remarkable space.

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Our World Tuesday- New Year’s Edition

Harrel 1-Edit-2.jpg

Found me a nice suspension bridge at the nearby Ray Harrel Nature Park. All great nature parks have nice bridges, right?

Harrel 3-Edit.jpg

I love railroad tie retaining walls. The look all old school and woodsy. They end up kind of blending in and becoming part of the landscape.

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Our World Tuesday – Clear Sailing

Orange Beach Sailboat

Sailboat chilling on Wolf Bay, Alabama

Well we did Christmas. I love Christmas and we had a nice quiet one at the house with our small family including my Mother-in-Law. We exchanged gifts and cards and had a nice meal and texted/facebook messaged our other family in Idaho, Colorado, and western Oklahoma.

Now I am ready to be done with it. Sure, leave the lights and tree up for a few days but it is time to go outside for a little while and get the head screwed on straight. I’m taking a week off and although we have errands and stuff to do I plan to get a few runs and hikes in and take a bunch of photos.

How about you? You done with Christmas also? (I know, I know, it is technically still Christmas while I post this but I am about to come out of my skin.)

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Our World – Philbrook Gardens in the Winter

Villa Philbrook - Topaz Glow

Saturday I dropped the kid off for his Comedy Improv Class and headed up to the Philbrook Museum to walk around a little while. It was their free second saturday promotion going on inside so I went outside to the gardens  to get a little air and breathing room. I went to the bottom of the hill and shot back up to Villa Philbrook. I never get tired of the view and in the winter it seems a little crisper even on a cold overcast day.

philbrook tempietto topaz glow

This is the reverse view. I never get tired of the tempietto and its reflection but I pulled back the shot a bunch to take in the patchwork of colors, textures, and patterns.

I just love that place.

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Our World – A Run on Turkey Mountain


Saturday morning started out cool with a chance of rain. I thought about putting up the outside Christmas lights on house but I don’t like doing that in the rain. I don’t mind running in a light rain though. I have the gear for it. So after dropping the kid off at his Improv Comedy class I headed to Turkey Mountain. There was hardly anyone there.


It was kind of a dreary gray day, just the way I like them, and so off I went with a vague desire to do about five miles plus or minus and take some new trails. The big well used trails are fine but I love the fainter seldom used ones also. As you can see there were lots of dry leaves on the ground. The squirrels were having a field day running around in them making a racket.


I take it as a point of honor to never (well almost never) turning back on a trail because it disappears or requires climbing up or down a cliff. This trail ended up requiring it. It is at the far north end of Turkey Mountain and I had to climb down a steep hill and then climb back up out on the other side of the draw. Oh well. Slows me down but I’m not in it for the speed.


I saw only one bicyclist and very few other people the whole time I was out there.


I guess that somebody lost their camo hat and some other person picked it up and stuck it on a tree. I always wonder who besides a hunter needs camo gear. When I’m out in the woods, I want to be seen.

Being out in the woods in nature is a great escape. Maybe I’ll do the lights on Sunday. The Cowboys aren’t playing you know.

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Our World Tuesday – Oxley North Woods Loop Trek




Saturday I went for a walk at Oxley Nature Center‘s North Woods. I love it there because it is remote, off the beaten path, and I rarely see anybody.


I especially like it when it is windy because there is enough trees and brush to block the wind. It is near still at the ground and I love the sound of the wind in the tops of the trees.


The trails are well kept. This time of year there is a thick matt of dried leaves that announces your presence as you walk along and sends the big and small critters scurrying.


I started in late afternoon and the low sun made all the leaves radiant with color.


There is something about a bench on a trail overlooking a creek that is restful without even sitting on it.


The woods loom over parts of the trails. I call these tree tunnels.


I love the color of some of the oak leaves.


Another tree tunnel.


The sun is getting low. Heading across my favorite boardwalk. There is a geocache here that took me three years to find. And one day I saw it without looking for it.


Headed back to the car and saw these two critters. We watched each other for a while. I would move up twenty paces and wait twenty seconds, and then move up another twenty paces and so on. They got tired of my game and scampered off.


A little bit further I found this single deer. She played my game and let me get a little closer before she turned on her heel and left.

I didn’t set any speed records but I had a good time. Didn’t see anybody else. I wasn’t looking for anybody either.

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Our World – Tulsa’s Renovated Central Library Opens


On Saturday the Tulsa Central Library reopened after a three year renovation. They had speeches and presentations and all that. I missed them, but you and I know what they said probably.


I was happy with what they did. They opened the structure up, added lighting, and all sorts of whiz bank technology. They still have lots of books but the emphasis is more on computers and education now. The days of patrons wandering through the stacks looking for books is over. Most of the books I get from the library are digital downloads to my Kindle or Ipad. If I need a physical book I order it and they deliver to the library of my choice. Plus libraries are storing more of their books offsite in non-public buildings. Lots cheaper than using expensive downtown real estate.


They knocked out the center parts of the second and third floors to give the building a more airy open feel. It works.


Plus they have all sorts of new furniture to facilitate what patrons do these days. The old library had tables with chairs and rows of chairs. Many people bring their laptops and so now they can sit in semi privacy with a laptop table and plugs and a place to stow their backpack.


Or they have these cool chairs. I don’t like semi-privacy cuz I like people watching and listening in their conversations. You better watch what you say when you are around me because I have big ears. I like that the furniture has a midcentury modern “feel” to it in tune with the building it is in.


One of the coolest things are these study spaces that they have extended off the second floor onto the balcony. They are climate controlled and have windows on all four sides, three of them to the outside. They are of various sizes and configurations. I think they are wonderful.


And here is a view of one such study space looking to another. I think these are fabulous.


And speaking of the balcony they have opened it up again and there are more seating out there. What a way to spend a lunchtime in nice weather.


They have computers for the regular clientele plus they have computer education rooms of different types. They have literacy education spaces. It is all pretty exciting.


As for the books they have new undershelf lighting. I don’t know about you but sometimes the lighting is dark in libraries the few times that I have tried to find a book rather than order it.


I got all excited, a card catalog!! Alas, it appears to be a catalog of obituaries from way back when. Remember the good old days of searching through card catalogs and making notes with little stubby pencils on little pieces of paper and then going off to find the book. Yeah, I remember those days and they sucked. Give me a digital search any time!!


See that glass and granite building over there? That is where I work, one block away. I’ll be resuming weekly visits to the library to sit and read, people watch, and listen in on your conversations.

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Our World – Over the Hills and Through the Woods to Nana’s House I Go


Last Saturday it was hot!! We decided we would go swimming at my MIL’s Nana’s houe. I decided that I needed to walk there. She lives about six miles away and this was my third trip on foot over the years. The previous times I ran, this time I walked because it was hot, not that there is much difference in speed between my walking and running. I can say that, you can’t.


I passed out neighborhood information board. We have lived here sixteen years and I have never seen any information posted there. I have always wanted to hide a geocache up under the roof of the thing but I would have to get permission from our neighborhood council and I hate dealing with those people. Why, well we had one smart ass attorney resident say that we shouldn’t allow people to store chemicals in their garages. Oh, okay, what about the oil and gasoline in your car dummy? Another guy, a retired Army Corps of Engineers guy complaining about an often damaged fence across a creek said that we could fix it once and for all for $50,000. Oh okay, you giving us the money dude? Somebody else wanted to ban residents from renting their homes. Oh okay… Anyway trying to get permission would be impossible.


We have a nice little duck/swan pond in our neighborhood. I like it a lot.


Out on 81st street and going by Meadowbrook Country Club. Nice place.


On past our local Starbucks. I am addicted to their new Cold Brew iced coffee. Not today, too hot and too far to go.


On past Tulsa Community College. This is where son Logan will be going to college in a couple weeks. I said a prayer for the guy.


The Sheriff’s Department put up this spedometer right near the college. I have never registered on it. I have tried waiting for a car going by at a high rate of speed so I could claim that same speed. Hasn’t happened yet.


The trail gets really intricate and interesting. That is why I don’t mind walking or running to see Nana, the trail is almost four miles out of the six. Lots nicer than walking the streets.


A brand new medical building with a big welcome sign. I had to do some checking on it. It is a new building for an outfit that does colonoscopies. Probably dozens per day. I had one a few years ago but I couldn’t bring myself to write a blog post about it. Much too personal. But there were nice things also. I read the night before the procedure that beer was allowed so I had a couple of Fat Tires. The doctor laughed the next day. He said that was allowed but hardly anybody had ever admitted to it. Plus the heavy heated quilt the day of the procedure was very nice. And then the weird way your memory goes backward when you come to in the recovery room. All in all something I dreaded for no reason.


And then this lady running wierding my out. She passed my a couple times. Hmm. Should I have been concerned?


And then by the highway hill where runners have worn trails in the side to do hill repeats. Did I do a hill repeat?


Well, I went up once, but didn’t go up twice. So that is half of hill repeat right. Meanwhile the lady runner passed me again, not on the hill though.


And then under the Creek Turnpike.


Yep, I do PokemonGo and I captured a couple. I looked, and didn’t find a geocache also. Don’t get all Luddite on me on me for Pokemon Go.


And here is Nana’s house, about 6 and a quarter miles and over two hours later. I love the Angel that she keeps on her front porch, and the beer that she lets me keep in her beerator in her garage, and she has a great pool. Plus it is a treat to visit with her.

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Our World – The Grand Canyon – 1960’s Edition


These pics are some that my father took in the mid 1960’s when we went on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, among other places. He had a nice Canon Canonette camera (which he gave to me a few years ago) and I remember him taking photos but I never remember seeing them.


I think we went to the North Rim because it was far less crowded than the south. We were never much for crowds on vacation.


That was probably the last time I was at the North Rim. Heather and I took a trip back when we were childless to the South Rim in the mid 1990’s and I remember it being a zoo. No parking and lots of pushing and shoving and rude behavior by our fellow tourists. It wasn’t much of wilderness experience. If we go again I’ll head back to the north rim and maybe see my favorite Park Ranger, Gaeyln. Check out her blog, it is some sort of fantastic.


This is the Angel’s Window.  You can reach it from a short trail. The other thing about our vacations is that we never strayed very far from the parking lot. Oh well, we had a good time anyway.


I’m thinking that this is a photo of me, my sister Ellen, and brother Bob. It is hard to get these kind of pictures exposed correctly. I kind of like it though.


And the Grand Canyon Lodge. Back then, as now, it was booked up well in advance. We stayed in a trailer on a National Forest campground, miles and miles away at a little town called Jacob’s Lake, if my memory serves me correctly. My memory is pretty poor so I am not going to swear to it.

I’m just gotten started on scanning Dad’s pics and I’m looking forward to what else I can find.

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