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High School Hayride

Fall is here it is time for SuperPizzaBoy’s school to have their annual hayride.

They found a place way out in the woods. No bars out here, literally, no updates, no nothing, whazzup with that?


You can update your status with one of the camp dogs. Friendliest critters you’ve ever met.


Warm up around the fire.


Go feed the goats. Hungry little buggers.


Play some volleyball maybe?


How about some high spirited boys?


Load up, everybody face in, don’t get in or out, no horseplay!! Adults have been making and kids breaking rules forever.


After a dinner of dogs and chili, try out some smores. Everybody has their own technique. Mine is the best. No, make your own!!


Time for some spooky stories!!
Time to clean up and go home. Another hayride on the books.

The Pedal Pub

Introducing the latest European Import

The PedalPub – where you and your dozen closest friends and a designated driver can pub hop. You rent it by the hour.  Great mileage.

It’s technical innovations like this that keep America strong! It is good clean healthy exercise and fresh air and a chance to socialize and see what is going on around you.

They already have a Hate Group on Facebook so you know that this is catching on. I guess the problem is that the riders tend to get a little drunk and tend to take over the pubs they visit. Plus it ties up a lane during rush hour. Some of the former participants hate it because four of the seats don’t have pedals and so don’t contribute to the effort plus hills are a real problem. (Personally I’d zero on the freeloader seats if I were them.) These haters are obviously the same old Democrats who object to nuclear waste in their back yards and other economic development projects.

Lartigue Effect

We have got all sorts of stuff going on in Tulsa these days.  The city doesn’t know whether to lean to the right,

or lean to the left, or


Or just kind of shimmy in place.


So what’s happening? I know the wind blows here in Oklahoma, but not that much.


I have a cheap camera. The Takashi 521 digital lomo camera. It has all sorts of special effects built into a camera with a plastic lens. One thing this camera doesn’t have though is a shutter. That’s right no shutter. You press the button the sensor gets scanned is all. So that means that if I move the camera while pressing the button the things that the camera sees get distorted.

In a regular camera with a shutter you don’t get that. You get a blur. Blur can be fun, but not that much fun.

This distortion is called the Lartigue effect after Jacque Henri Lartigue, a french dude, who used a “focal plane shutter.” to invent the effect. Here is an example of his work:

Check out the link. He was cool! The main thing is that I love the term “focal plane shutter.” That is like one of the most wonderful pieces of jargon I have heard in a long time. I have no idea what it means. I’m going to use it a lot. I mean talk about authority. For instance, somebody talks about plumbing problems I’m going to shut them up by saying that until they get a Focal Plane Shutter installed they are going to continue to have the same problem.

Those of you who don’t have cheap camera will have to pay big bucks to get a focal plane shutter. That’s what you get for having fancy stuff like shutters on your camera. My shutterless piece of junk can get the same effect using the scan rate of the sensor. Aren’t you jealous? You should be.

Mayfest 2010

The big festival every year in downtown Tulsa is Mayfest held every year in May.

Like a lot of other festivals this one has lots of crafts and pieces of art for sale.

and food, gotta have food at a deal like this.

For some reason it would never occur to me to buy food at something like this:


I picked this place


and got this,


Don’t lecture me, I’m doubling up on my Zocor a few days and I’ll be fine.

Ya gotta have music,



Hey, don’t laugh. We used to watch Hanson on the same stage at Mayfest back in the 90’s. They were the Hanson brothers then. Now, they are all growns up and famous and everything.

Hey about a wall of clocks?


The have some good clocks


And some great clocks


Well, time to go back to work.

A to Z

The Real Housewives of Oklahoma are at it again with the Monday meme, which just because I’m contrary do it on Tuesday. They even let guys participate. At least so far. They are all very smart and sassy bloggers. Check them out.

This week is an A to Z type thing.

A ~ age: 55 (Yep I’m very old, just ask Miss Priss. I can’t wait until she is 55! I’m going to have me some fun with that.

B ~ Baseball Team – Houston Astros.

C ~ Yep, Dallas Cowboys.

D ~ Dog’s name: Sweetie’s dog’s names are Ginger and Abby

E ~ Essential start of your day: Coffee

F ~ Favorite color: Cowboy Blue.

G ~ Geocaching!! Yes

H ~ Height: 6′ 1″

I ~ Instruments you played: phonograph, cassette tapes, 8 track tapes, cd, ipod, radio.

J ~ Job title: Dad

K ~ Kid(s): SuperPizzaBoy who will be 12 this month

L ~ Luck factor, extremely high. I have the greatest wife in the world.

M ~ Mom’s name: Margie

N ~ Nicknames: Childhood Buddy, now Yogi, old guy, fat guy, hey you

O ~ Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Broken nose at age 15

P ~ Pet Peeve: Piggish driving.

Q ~ Quote from a movie/show: from “Chinatown” “Bad for the glass”

from “The Unforgiven” – “Nobody gets what they deserve”

R ~ Right-handed or Left: Right

S ~ Siblings: one older brother, one younger sister

T ~ Time you wake up: Usually around 5:15.

U ~ University of New Mexico Lobos thank you very much. aka “MIT on the mesa” or “Harvard on the Rio Grande”

V ~ Last valentines day card I got was from Sweetie!

W ~ Why you run late: I don’t.

X ~ X-rays you’ve had: chest, feet, teeth, head

Y ~ Yummy food you make: I’ll put my fried chicken up against anybody’s. Plus I make great pancakes.

Z ~ Zoo favorite: Elephants, Rhinos, Gorillas, Chimps, Giraffes, Lions, Tigers, I love the Zoo.