InSPIREed Sunday – Tulsa Bible Baptist Temple


I’ve been meaning to stop and take a few pics of the Bible Baptist Temple on Apache Street close to Tulsa’s Airport for a while. I waited until it was raining to do so.


What has always attracted me to it is the unique A Frame structure. You might see A Frames in Brighton, Utah or Aspen, Colorao but not too many of them are in Tulsa. There is also no windows, at least that one can see from the street. They have a web site and a facebook site with a little bit of information (I love how they incorporated “aframe” into their web address). So I really don’t have much information about what they are about.

The grounds and parking lot are kept in pretty good shape at least.

Do you have any “A Frame” style churches near where you live?

InSPIRed Sunday

10 thoughts on “InSPIREed Sunday – Tulsa Bible Baptist Temple

  1. Matt Martinez

    Hello Yogi,
    Thanks for snapping some pics of our church! I would love for you to stop by sometime and see the inside as well. I could give you a brief history and maybe even provide some video of the aframe being built if I can find it. – Pastor Matt Martinez

  2. Ken TZ Childress

    I know something about this building. I worked for Mill Creek YEARS ago, and they put the vinyl siding on that building. I joked about the old rugged cross being capped with smooth vinyl.

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