Skywatch Friday – Evening Run


No filter, no software, no nothing, right out of the camera.

The weather was perfect for my Wednesday night run on the river: temperature in the mid 40’s and no wind. It felt almost warm. I got to the Arkansas River just as the sun was going down. My Nikon AW110 point and shoot has a night landscape mode so I tried it out and it wasn’t too bad. This was from the east side of the river. 


When I went across to the west side of the river, the sun was long gone but I took a shot east across the river to downtown Tulsa. I cropped the photo and it has a little fuzzy wuzzy about it but not too bad. Mainly I like the reflection of the buildings in the river.

I am still in recovery from my injury in September and I have my good days and my not so good days. Wednesday night was one of the not so good runs. Both legs were aching and I decided to cut things short at three miles instead of my planned five  but at about the 1.5 mile point things started coming together and feeling better and I finished my shortened run strong.

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23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Evening Run

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, WOW!! What terrific captures!! I do love your night skies and I’m glad your knees held up — they must be getting better!! I do hope you have a great weekend and thanks, as always, for helping so much with Sky Watch!!

  2. genie

    What a GORGEOUS nite to go for a run. Buddy does it at sunrise…just the opposite. Your night capture amazes me. You are so good with that camera.

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