Clinton, Oklahoma’s Acme Brick Park


My wife has family in western Oklahoma in the oilfield and farming town of Clinton. Clinton is right on I40 and Route 66 runs right through it and so it is town with a lot going on. My favorite part of Clinton are my wife’s family who are very friendly, open, and hospitable. My favorite place to hang out is a city park called Acme Brick Park. They have a recreation center, a small train, walking paths, lakes, and baseball fields and gets a lot of use and that is all great and anything but my favorite part of the park is the old brick building,now, the recreation center.


The building’s south side gets great sun and I just love the photographs. I know that I overdo them on Instagram but I can’t help it. Maybe it is the combination of the green roof and the red brick, I don’t know.

What about you, do you have something you photograph maybe way too much?

4 thoughts on “Clinton, Oklahoma’s Acme Brick Park

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Well, you know I don’t think you could photograph anything way too much. Especially when you know how to play with the photos after and make them so fun. That really does sound like a great park and rec center. Good use of the beautiful old building; always am happy when history is preserved and repurposed in such a good way.

    (I take too many pictures of everything. If one is good, 10 are better. That’s both the blessing and curse of a digital camera.

  2. Driller's Place

    I don’t think you could ever photograph this building too much.
    As you know, I have a favorite local water fall that I visit and photograph in every season of the year. Every time I am in Tulsa you will probably find me at the Undion Depot for Fairgrounds Pavilion. I LOVE photographing those buildings. And yes I have applied multiple filters to them in PhotoShop Elements just ’cause I can. Don’t ever quit photographing your favorite things.

  3. sylviakirk

    I feel exactly the way that Driller and Sallie feel!! Don’t ever stop photographing the things you care for the most!! Beautiful captures today as always!! Enjoy and that’s what shows up in your captures and what makes them all so special!! Thank you for sharing!! I hope you’re enjoying a great weekend!!

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