Weekend Reflections – Staycating for Spring Break


Logan has Spring Break this week. Originally we thought we might go to New York City but one thing led to another and so we are staying in town but trying to get out and do things. Wednesday we all slept in and then breakfasted at First Watch and then went to Zink Lake on the Arkansas River and walked about three miles or so.


We then went to the Philbrook Museum because I wanted to get some pics of daffodils. While there of course I had to take some pics of the Tempietto and the reflecting pool. I think more electrons have been spent photographing the Tempietto than any other feature in Tulsa.


All that is lost on some folks who walk around staring at the little screens. 


Back to the Tempietto, I think it is the prettiest thing in Tulsa.aaBack to the Tempietto, I think it is the prettiest thing in Tulsa.

Wednesday night we took Logan to see the “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” with Clint Eastwood. I saw it about forty years ago when it came out and wow, I was blown away at how good it is. What a great, intense, well done, movie. Logan loved it also. Afterwards we realized it is the first R rated movie we ever took him to see so I guess it is a rite of passage.


Out of focus, and off kilter, I kind of like it that way except I wish I had the focus on the flower better.

I said something about daffodils, here are one and a half. I was trying to do the bokeh thing by messing with the speed and aperture. Next time I will figure out how to fix the focus so this is all I have for now. I’ll be posting my daffodil pics later.

Have you ever tried staycating? What is the secret.

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections – Staycating for Spring Break

  1. Driller's Place

    Staycations can be some of the most relaxing of all down time events. So many of us never visit attractions around us because we just HAVE to get away in order to call it a vacation. All of the Clint Eastwood westerns were good. Hang ‘Em High, Fist Full of Dollars, and For A Few Dollars More were among my favorites.
    One way to get the foreground in focus and create bokeh in the background is to use a telephoto lens. Back away from the subject a little bit and then zoom in with the lens. This will automatically throw the background out of focus. If your camera came in a two lens kit, then put the 55-200 on and try it next time.

  2. Al

    Very pretty. I love seeing things in my local area (staycation) as it’s so beautiful and I can do so many things I Iove – hiking, skiing, etc.

  3. Pat

    We “station”a lot, as Colorado is still so new to us and we like seeing new parts of it, plus we babysit one grandchild almost every day while parents work

    Your park is very pretty! Love the daffodils. We had 4 inches of much needed snow moisture today

    All Clint Eastwood movies are good–the G, B and U is a classic!

  4. Gaelyn

    I’m sure my first R rated movie wasn’t with my parents. That is such a lovely park. Wonder if CouchSurfing is similar.

  5. Linja

    I’m retired so we have staycationed so much we are out of nearby places to visit. But I don’t really feel like traveling either.

  6. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Staycations are great when you get out and do stuff around town especially! I feel so sorry for those people with their phones in their faces all the time….. life is passing them by.

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