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Downtown Construction

Sometimes it seems that different sectors of the economy out of synch with each other. The energy industry has gone down the tubes (although indications are that a recovery is in progress) and the building industry in Tulsa is booming. Looking out a window at work there are three different projects going on. The closest one is a new hotel going up. There are several hotels going up downtown now.

And then if you follow the street alongside the hotel you can see that they are extending the street to the high rise on the right. That is our former city hall that has been converted to a hotel. Part of the deal with the hotel to meet code is that they needed a street going to it because the city likes hotels to have two streets for firetrucks and such to use. It is a pretty expensive road project because it is on top of a parking garage.

And then just this side and to the right of the hotel is on lazy  $50 million renovation of our Central Library. From what I can tell they are going to store most of the books off site and put in lots more computers. I’m sorry but I think what they are doing is turning our library into an internet cafe for the homeless, methheads, and K2 addicts. Also, the library’s director hornswaggled the board of the library into giving him a paid four month leave of absence to get his PhD. The guy makes over $170,000 per year plus a $450 a month car allowance, plus, plus, plus. He makes more than the Governor of Oklahoma! Do you really need a library director who is gone for four months? Poor use of taxpayer funds I think.

Oops, I digress, what is happening where you live?

4 thoughts on “Downtown Update

  1. Driller's Place

    Thank you for continuing to keep me updated on what’s happening in my hometown. Since the old city hall used to contain the police station, are the converting the holding cells into hotel rooms? Probably not. The wall mounted stainless steel plumbing fixtures are not that attractive. Looks like a very interesting and exiting project.

    1. Driller's Place

      Sounds like the library director goes, he sounds like a box that you find after you have moved to a new residence. If you can do without him for four months, you can do without him, period! Besides the PHD is probably to help pad his resume’ and move on to a better paying job in a much larger city. As soon as he gets that new sheepskin he will be gone. Okay, I’m old and cranky, but I still think he is taking advantage of the library board and the citizens of Tulsa.

  2. Barb

    I can’t believe all the construction going on in Denver. It’s hard to take a photo without several large cranes in the picture. Your edit of the photo makes your constructions sites look great! Don’t get me started about government waste!

  3. Gaelyn

    Do they really need more hotels? Three new ones were recently built in Kanab and they don’t match the more or less Western theme of the town at all.

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