Mother’s Day Nursery Trip


Sunday was Mothers Day and Heather went to a local nursery. Heather went to gather plants for her mother’s pots. I went along to take pictures.


I can’t believe nurserys let people take pictures for free. Talk about a target rich environment for photographs.


I love the plants and also the ornaments. That is Heather in the background. Somebody should be helping her don’t you think? Oh, yeah, well I was busy also.


I found a whole flock of pink flamingos. Heather didn’t really act like she wanted one.


She didn’t want these statues decorating her garden either.


And back to Heather. She is having almost as much as fun as I am. She is a certified OSU Master Gardener so she knows her plants.


I also know my plants. For example these are yellow flowers. In the background are some red flowers. Impressive huh?


I love these rusty sunflowers. Here in Oklahoma you better tie them down good unless you want to see them sailing off in the wind.


And then we went to Home Depot. I was amused by these two guys who were having trouble getting a fitting on a hose. You should have seen the tools they were using to get it done. Remember when the Home Depot guys knew their stuff?


Home Depot has some nice flowers also.


And I love this wind vane. Made me want to sing “The wheels on the truck go round and round… round and round…”

Anyway that’s a wrap on our trip to the nursery.

What have you been up to?

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Nursery Trip

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Loved everything about this post until the last sentence which gave me a blasted earworm ;>). You sound exactly like Bill talking about Home Depot. (Every single time he goes there, which is really often for somebody who lives in tiny homes.) At least you and Heather bought something at the beautiful nursery. I’ve actually stopped at them before just to take pictures– without even buying a thing (because of those tiny homes, again). I also can’t believe they don’t charge me for the picture opportunity!

  2. Janie

    My 4 year old grandson would love that wind vane, and probably would join you in singing.
    Nurseries are interesting. I like to test my plant knowledge, which might be slightly more advanced than yours. However, I’d be no better than the Home Depot boys in getting any “man’s” work done.

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