River Parks Ride with Heather


Heather and I went on a bike ride today on Tulsa’s wonderful River Parks trails along the Arkansas River.


We started on the east bank and went north a ways. (“A ways” is how we say things in Oklahoma, just so you know.)


That was about a mile and then we went across the west bank across our brand spanking new pedestrian bridge with emergency call stations every 50 yards or so.


And then headed down south past the PSO Tulsa Power Station.


Not as many people on the west side of the river compared to the east side. It is a lot more remote with fewer access points.


Heather kept the pace up even though she said she said her legs were dead. She teaches Zumba classes a few times a week. I’d be dead myself.


I injured myself in a Labor Day run but I guess that I’m cured. My knee doesn’t hurt at all any more. Don’t tell Heather or I’ll have to vacuum or mow the yard or something. Can you keep a secret? Yeah, well I can’t either.


Anyway, we got about 15.5 miles. My garmin shows a half mile less but I didn’t get it started until we started the ride.

You know, I think a 15 mile plus or minus is a good ride. So we celebrated by going to a frozen yogurt place. And then home to watch the Cowboys lose to the Giants. Heather cleaned house because she didn’t know about my miraculously cured knee that you promised you wouldn’t tell her about.

So, what did you do Sunday afternoon.

6 thoughts on “River Parks Ride with Heather

  1. Pat

    This sounds like a good ride to me! I used to love bicycle riding and I’d love to get back to it someday. We sold our bicycles when we moved here. I just can’t convince my husband to go with me–he only rode a bike once in his life and fell off! That is like a sin in Colorado, land of extreme bike riders….lol

    Glad your knee has recovered. I had a sore knee the past week and started to take glucosamine again–it is beginning to feel better already.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Beautiful bike/walk path…. its always great to have a river to exercise by. “A ways” is how we measure out west too! But we always tend to over-estimate our ways (I sort of hate my phone app now that tells me my ‘a ways’ really wasn’t even 5 miles … even though my legs are dead!

  3. Barb

    You’re getting some use from that bike camera! Good ride. It looks flat which I like, but also hot which I dislike. I spent Sunday in the hospital with our son who was injured when he fell off his bike.

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