Wizard World Tulsa


Logan and his friend Q trying out some of the games.

Sunday Logan and I traveled downtown to see WizardWorld Tulsa. A popular culture event. Popular culture in this case goes toward superhero movies, videogame characters, cartoon characters, and so on.


A car from same famous Zombie movie that I didn’t see.

I find it fascinating although I miss most of the cultural references.


Cool little Jurassic Park Jeep.

I gravitate toward the cars. I get cars. Mot of them anyway. Many of the cars you could sit in them and get your photo taken. No thanks. No way my face adds anything to the car.


Remember back to the future? Remember the Delorean?



And the Ghost Busters car. We watched the new Ghost Busters on video this weekend.


A big reason that people go to a Comic-Con is to Cosplay, or dress up as your character. To see and be seen and get your photo taken. I have trouble walking up and asking somebody if I could take their pic.


I told Logan that next year we need to Cos-Play. I think I’ll show up as Walter White, the chemistry teacher gone meth cook from Breaking Bad. I love that guy. Talk about pure evil. Logan said he is just going to get a mask.

The Tulsa World has a photo gallery with some of the Cos Play costumes.

This is our third year to attend Wizard World. Check out our 2014 and 2016 visits.

4 thoughts on “Wizard World Tulsa

  1. Driller's Place

    Like you I would find the cars most interesting and be lost on the cultural references. I might be tempted to attend a comic-con event as “The Wall”. I did a google search and he is a character that appeared in one issue of Green Hornet. He’s just a good ol’ boy for Arkansas that hates criminals and he’s about the size of the Incredible Hulk. Have a blessed week.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    I recognize the DeLorean and know the movie. That is all. Except I recognize your son and know that he’s having fun and that’s most important anyway!

    (Of course, if you were there dressed as Walter White, I’d recognize and enjoy that cultural reference (incredible series)….. )

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