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I don’t really have a theme this week. Is that in itself a theme, having no theme? Bigger minds than mine are going to have to figure that one out. Anyway at lunch one day this week I was wandering around the south edge of downtown Tulsa trying to figure out where to replace a geocache of mine that got hijacked when the tree that it was stuck in got cleaned up. The old timey apartment building above is one of the few buildings left standing. It is marooned all by itself and it look kind of funny, and creepy also. Not as creepy as old guys wandering by and taking pictures of it right.


Here is an old back alley nearby. Lots of homeless people and wierdos hang out there now. When we moved to town twenty five years ago there were a lot of derelict bars and apartment houses here. Now there is nothing. I did find a place for a new geocache placement. I don’t know what is up with the 2-1/2 pound barbell weights on the lower left hand corner. If you need a couple I can show you right where they are.


I accidentally shot myself while trying to look at the LED screen of my camera. Remember back in the old days with film. You didn’t have to worry about looking at the screen. Film was so expensive (and continues to be so expensive) that nobody wasted money on selfies. Now it is all just electrons photons and they are still free. That is,  until the Oklahoma legislature figures out a way to tax them. Then no more selfies, right.


Moving from urban blight to Spring. The redbuds out. I think the Redbud trees are the prettiest thing there is. The buds just don’t last long enough.


One of  the last sunset pics from the office until next Fall. With Daylight Savings Time, I’m not sticking around until the sun sets.


With my new role at work I go out to “The Field” a lot in western Oklahoma. This is what the field looks like. I miss the huge wide open skies out west. I work for a natural gas pipeline company. I get a lot of satisfaction out of job helping keeping the lights, heat, and air conditioning on for people.


And then this weekend, we help Logan take care of the cats up for adoption at one of the local pet stores. They sure are starved for attention and affection. I think they get lonely locked up in there spaces all the time. We let them out and Logan plays with them while Heather and I clean out the cat boxes, clean the spaces, put in fresh food and water.  We do it once or twice a month early Saturday morning before the place opens. All four of our critters were adopted. I’m a big fan of adopting animals.

Anyways that is it this week. I’m linking with Our World Tuesday with this post.

13 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday – Various

  1. DeniseinVA

    Good for the three of you helping the animals. If I ever adopt again it will be from the animal shelter. A very nice series of photos. I haven’t been out to see if our redbuds are blooming. It’s going to snow here again over the next two days so I guess it will be putting them into shock. I remember photo bills. I think that’s why we took the plunge into the digital world finally. We were one of the late ones.

  2. Hootin' Anni

    Me too….all my critters throughout life were either given to us or we’ve adopted them through shelters. I agree with you 100%
    Love all the scenes, from the blossoms to the sky and even the barbells.

    But you teased us…I was hoping you’d tell us where you stashed your item for the geocache [just kidding of course]

  3. artmusedog and carol

    Well, what an adventure you had despite not having a theme ~ Wonderful variety of photos ~ my favorite, though is your selfie and the beautiful cat ~ so glad you helped and then they got adopted ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  4. Pat -Mille Fiori Favoriti

    You don’t need a theme when you find interesting things to photograph, Yogi! I love that orange sunset from your office, and your “shadow shot” I’m surprised the redbud trees are blooming but your weather is warmer than ours–they are beautiful trees! It is so nice you and your family help out taking care of the cats waiting to be adopted. I would want to take them all home!

  5. Amy

    ohhh so you get into geocache? we’ve been trying to find out if it happens here, sounds like a fun thing to do.

  6. Ruth

    So sad this cats are yearning for affection. I am glad they were adopted. Hop they get into a loving home. #OurWorldTuesday

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