Skywatch Friday – Sunrise, Sunset…


Spring and daylight savings time is here and I am loving it. The air is warmer, a bit more humid, and it feels great. I love Fall and Winter but I am always ready for Spring.


Plus I like the extra time after work to go run on Turkey Mountain or the River or other places. It is making that much harder to get my taxes done though. Anybody else a procrastinator?

I”m linking with Skywatch Friday.

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Sunrise, Sunset…

  1. Klara S

    It was totally worth to procrastinate and take some wonderful photos. I really want to say something about taxes and what to do with them, but I won’t… Also you’ve remind me about my yearly tax settlements … 🙂 One month left here 🙁 have a good weekend.

  2. Barb

    Love the photos – I’m liking the longer daylight for sure. Keep running and do get those taxes done!

  3. Alexa T

    Gorgeous views! and so lovely said:”always ready for Spring”… Many thanks for the beauty shared with all of us.
    Have a nice weekend and so lovely Spring in April!

  4. Ken Schneider

    I like Daylight Time because it is easier to get out before the sun comes up. Of course the sunrise gets earlier every day and I must keep adjusting my schedule. Love that sunset shot!

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