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Shadow Selfie – Cargo Shorts and All

Saturday afternoon, the kid had a friend visiting. We are long past the time where we need to monitor such visits. Logan and his friend just finished their first year in college and we have known his friend since preschool. So when Heather said something about a bike ride, it was like Sure!!


I set my camera to take a pic every 20 seconds. It didn’t have much charge.

So I pressured up the tires and loaded up the bikes and off to the River Trails we went. We started at the little Park at Delaware and Riverside. I had found my little GoPro clone and its mount. I had it set to take a photo every twenty seconds.


Beautiful blue skies to go with the stiff north winds today.

Off we went


We passed the Swiss Family Robinson marching determinedly along the trail. Their legs are whiter than mine!!


Near the eagle nesting area.

We passed a few people on these three wheel bikes. Our son never could learn to ride a regular bike. I can see one of these in his future. Don’t tell him!! If it is not a video game he is not interested. I can see one of these in my future!!


That’s the new Margaritaville casino dead ahead

We got closer to the Creek Nation Casino we took the new trail around the river side of the facility. They did a great job. I hated the two stop lights encountered before. Now one can ride from where we started at about 91st street almost ten miles without crossing a road. Suits me. I don’t like crossing roads or riding on the roads.


Plus we checked out their bike racks near their tiki bar and pool. What a deal, a bar steps from the trail. Us rugged outdoors people like convenience like that.


Heather is always way in front of me!!

Then off we went, clear up to 36th street where the the trail is blocked due to the ongoing construction for A Gathering Place. I cannot wait to see what a $350 million dollar park is going to be like. Yep $350 million, privately funded. Check out the link.


So turned around and headed south and stopped at Margaritaville for a little rest stop. It is actually pretty nice. Great little tiki bar. Decent beer draft beer selection. Now, if they would get some craft beers that would be awesome. I settled for a decent Landshark Lager and Heather had a margarita.


It is a nice space with all sorts of seating and we enjoyed ourselves.


This might be a regular stop for us. Especially being only 1.4 miles or so from where we started.

Alan Heather Margaritaville

Here we are. Notice the Fat Tire jersey courtesy of my sister Ellen (Check her out, she is currently posting about her and her husband’s  recent trip to Europe). It would be great if Margaritaville could sell it. And no, there is nothing wrong with my forehead. All the cushioning is gone from my bike helmet so I am going to get another one.

We had one drink and finished the ride. A good time was had by all.

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19 thoughts on “Our World – Margaritaville Rest Stop

  1. Lea

    Spring is such a wonderful time of the year to be outdoors!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.
    We often go to Shiloh to see the Eagles during their nesting season. We call those zig-zag fences Split Rail Fences, but they have different names in different parts of the country.
    Have a great week!

    1. DeniseinVA

      That was a great bike ride and I am not even a bit tired 😉 Photos are great, loved the ones of you and Heather. I may be in the market for the three-wheeler and definitely in the market for a stop at the tikie bar 🙂

  2. Driller's Place

    I am thrilled with what has happened and is happening along the river. For decades it was simply the flood plain for the Arkansas River and no one wanted to develop anything that might improve the area and the quality of life of the citizens. I hope that “The Gathering Place” lives up to the hype and marks another great addition to the cityscape.

  3. Amy

    Thats really neat you get your teenager out and about on the bike with you – good to get them outdoors.

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Now that’s what I call a Rest Stop! Yes, the perfect oasis in the middle of a lovely bike ride. I have a three wheel tricycle here in Florida ‘(inherited’ it from a neighbor) but it is upright not low like that one you show. Anyway, it was hard for me … it does not ride like a bicycle, you steer it more like a car and don’t lean in to the curves, if you do you go around in circles. But then, just because I had trouble, that definitely does not mean anyone else would.

  5. Ellen

    A bike ride with a margarita involved. Sounds like a perfect afternoon! That is a really good jersey!

  6. klara

    great trail and perfect afternoon. your shadow selfie is exceptional, such a great angle. so, that’s how GoPro camera functions? you fix it on something, set the timer and it takes photos itself? interesting.

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