Wonder Woman – Rise of the Warrior, with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine

Sunday night the family’s last official act of vacation was going to the movies to see the latest Wonder Woman flick.  And it is fabulous. Gal Gadot has the title role and she is perfect. Sweet when she has to be, glamorous during a gala, and and fierce when fighting the bad guys or sticking up for the little people. Chris Pine plays British spy, Steve Trevor.

What is the story you ask? Diana is cavorting about with the other Amazons on their own island when somehow Trevor’s plane that he stole from the Germans (World War I) comes crashing into the sea followed by a German ship and boatloads of troops. The Amazons fight off the Germans and find out about World War I for the first time. Diana takes off, against orders, with Trevor to go back to London to report to the authorities, except she doesn’t really want to follow procedure, she wants to go to the front and fight bad guys.

So a battle ensures between the forces of good and evil and you will just have to go see for yourself which side won. This was a very satisfying movie to watch and as a rule I’m not a big fan of super hero movies. They spend a good amount of time developing character and the back story and the chemistry between Pine and Gadot is great.  I highly recommend the film. Also, everybody keeps their clothes on,  and the fighting scenes are not gory.

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3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman – Rise of the Warrior, with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine

  1. Amy

    I have yet to see the movie but I can’t help wondering if anyone can do a better job than Lynda Carter – I grew up watching her in the 70s.

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