Skywatch Friday All About Town


This is downtown Tulsa. Thursday Heather came down and we had lunch and then we had ice cream at a fancy new shopping center downtown built out of storage containers. It is called the BoxYard. It is all so fancy and new. They let me in though so it can’t be that fancy.


This is the view out of our office window Thursday morning. We had a fraction of an inch of moisture an it was welcome. We haven’t had too much rain lately.


I went running on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness on Wednesday night. I love it on Turkey Mountain.


This is another view out the office window on a sunny day. This effect is generated by a “Tiny Planet” App on my cell phone. There are lots of them. I love a good cheap app.


This is our neighborhood last week.Sorry about the grainy photo but I loved the color.

This week I’m linking with Skywatch Friday

25 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday All About Town

  1. Lisa

    A shopping center made of shipping containers? Interesting!
    I love your bottom photo – the colors are fantastic!

  2. nancy chan

    Beautiful views and love the one with the special effect. We are now enjoying plenty of “us time” since our boys are working away from home. I am thinking of ice cream now because it is hot here. Have a good day!

  3. Eileen

    Hello, the ice cream sounds yummy. The last sky shot is beautiful. Happy Friday! Wishing you a great day and weekend!

  4. Alana

    You don’t have rain because we do. Too much of it. Please come and take it back. (Lovely sunset, despite the graininess.)

  5. Hootin' Anni

    Love the planet app! So cool.
    And that trail looks like a perfect place to run/walk!!
    You got a trace of rain? Send it our way, okay?
    Oh and the last image, the sky…wow!!

    Share the ice cream, yes!!!

  6. klara

    oo, that’s a very nice app – I like ‘tiny planet’ effect. didn’t have a clue that can be obtained on phone. and the conection is great, I often struggle to join ends when doing it in photoshop.

  7. Pat

    Ithaz been s hot a nd dry summer so far in the Denver area, To go. We could use a few days of good steady rain.

    The tiny planet app effect is cool!

  8. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Catching up on a few favorite blogger’s posts that I missed (we made a quick flying trip to Tacoma to visit our son and family there — even though I’d barely unpacked from our long roadtrip). Anyway, glad I saw this one … love the tiny planet app — you have more fun with your camera than anybody. And lunch (or even just the ice cream) in the BoxYard sounds wonderful — what an interesting concept.

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