Skywatch Friday – Winter


View of the sky to the west from my office building at sunset.The river is the Arkansas River.

Well its January and it finally got cold in Tulsa and is pretty much staying cold. That’s okay, that drives the snakes and ticks away. Anything that does that, I am all for.


It just makes me appreciate the warm weather that much more.


I forgot to post the full moon last week. I love full moons.


I have this new nerd app on my Iphone called Solocator. It takes photos with gps coordinates, elevation, direction, and other info. Isn’t it just the coolest. I’m showing how dreary the sky was in the greenbelt in my neighborhood. (Why do they call it a greenbelt? In the winter we should call it the brownbelt, but I am digressing)

So, sorry about the lack of a theme, but that is kind of my life these days.

Skywatch Friday

17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Winter

  1. Driller's Place

    Nice set of images. Your view of the river is always inspiring. Love the full moon. There will be a lunar eclipse of a full moon (Blue Moon) at the end January. Have a blessed week.

  2. Eileen

    Hello, the first scene and sky is lovely. The colors and reflection are beautiful. The moon photo is awesome!
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. Peter B

    I’m going to get that app and try it out immediately!! Thanks for the tip. I wonder if it will work out in Joshua Tree where I have no cell service? Oh, and fantastic moon shot!

  4. Pat

    Our community’s historical society is now using GPS mapping on photos of places with historical interest. I’ll have to look into the app you use, as that might be useful to us. I love your moon shot–so much detail! We still have little snow on the front range and I see it is the same where you live.

  5. Cathy Kennedy


    The moon shot is incredible! The detail you captured is amazing. I would really love to get a picture like that but I need a tripod and a longer lens. Thanks for sharing and I hope the new year has been good to you so far! 🙂

  6. klara

    wow, the moon shot is so great! I wonder what lense and setting you use. I guess I can not achieve this result with my 200mm lens.

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