Tulsa Boat Show 2018


i went through this boat. I think it was 43′ long and cost about $800,000. It was nice!!

I  took a little longer lunch the other day and went to the 2018 Boat Show  at the River Spirit Expo at Expo Square (aka the Tulsa State Fairgrounds). It costs ten bucks to get in and I gave the ticket lady ten ones and she asked if I was buying and I held up my two remaining greenbacks and said, yep, if I find one for two bucks I’m getting it. Kind of lame, but she got a good chuckle out of it.


I like looking at the big boats and the fancy RV’s. They have gotten very good over the years with space organization, amenities and storage space.


The pontoon boats have gotten bigger and more luxurious.


I love these fishing boats with the center console. Didn’t use to see too many away from the cost but there seems to be more and more of them.


The small campers are getting lighter and nicer. I know several families with small kids that have these and use them quite a bit.




This is like the sports car of boats. So sleek and I think the price was only about $75,000 or so.


I love looking at motorcycles. I think Indian makes some very stylish bikes. They are beautiful and so sleek and stylish.


And they make the best logo ever.


I saw a lot of retro colors. It used to be just beige, red, and navy blue. Now you see colors reminiscent of the 1950 Tbirds.


The smaller boats used to be dominated by bass boats but things seem more diversified now. Bass boats are kind of fun. I used to have one when I lived near Lake Conroe near Houston, Texas. Big motors, and the platforms and chairs where you have good visibility, and a trolling motor for fine tune control, live wells for the fish and rod cabinets. They were fun.

Anyways I there less than an hour and although I saw a lot, there was a lot of other stuff. If you want to go they are open Saturday 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.  (Yeah, you don’t want to spend the Superbowl at the boat show).

8 thoughts on “Tulsa Boat Show 2018

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    That was more than a boat show — RVs and campers too — fun dreaming …… We saw a few boats with that blue the other day out on the river and talked about how cool they were. Yup, definitely reminiscent of the old TBirds….

  2. Ellen

    I love going to RV shows too, in fact, there’s one this weekend. We’ve decided to keep our “small” 28′ travel trailer another year or too before we upgrade to a fifth wheel–unless of course I find a deal I can’t pass up this weekend. I’ve never been into boats, but I see that they are really nice these days.

  3. Gaelyn

    Used to go to Boat Shows with my Dad and watch him drool over the ones faster than his. Recently went to the RV show in Quartzsite and only went in a few. I like the ones I have, and they’re paid for. Fun to look though.

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