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I have not run since November last year when my doctor advised that I limit myself to just 5K’s and other short runs. He told me that my “tread was thin” and to take it easy. So I have walked a lot but not run. Instead I am riding my bicycle a lot more. At least once a week if the weather is halfway decent.

Here is a video I made of a recent ride up and down the Arkansas River here in Tulsa. A distance of about 15.5 miles. The entire ride probably took about an hour and a half but my off brand gopro ran out of juice so I probably got about 10 miles in. I edited it down to about 6 minutes and you can speed it up even further by hitting the gear looking “settings” icon on the lower right corner of the video, clicking “speed” and you should be able to double the speed and halve the time.

Video is a lot different from photo files. Mainly in the size of the files you use and how long it takes to upload. I record the videos in 3 minute segments in my off brand go pro and then splice them together with iMovie on my cell phone. It takes a while to move the files from the camera to the phone, and then from the phone to YouTube. I am figuring out that speeding up the video speed earlier in the process can speed things up. IMovie can only speed it up by two. I’m experimenting with an app called Splice that can speed it up by a factor of six. Not all videos need to be speeded up but I am trying to create a time lapse effect.

Anyways I know watching six minute video is painful so of course bail out anytime. If you have any helpful hints that would be great.

4 thoughts on “Bike Ride on the River Video

  1. Jeanna

    Nicely done, very editing too. I was just wondering what editing program you used and I see you it was iMovie. It’s changed a lot since I was shooting video but I’m sure a few hours would get me back into it.
    If we’re talking about the same Splice I used to like it on smaller devices but found it a bit clunky. I still liked it though.
    I’d mute out the audio and add in music instead. Or you could use some of your biking audio and edit out the clicks and clacks then loop it or find a bike sfx and import that into your movie.
    I would have killed for something like this when I was trying to take photos and video while riding my bike years back.

  2. Driller's Place

    Exercise is healthy regardless of the format. While running may not be a major part of your future, keeping everything moving by way of the bike is still a good activity. You still get outdoors and you can still take your camera with you and take us along for the ride.

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