Skywatch Friday – Mid May 2018 Edition


Well May is well on its way and it has certainly warmed up around here and it is about time.


I apologize but I am going to bombard you yet again with a barrage of action cam shots from my bicycle rides. I have ridden over 200 miles this Spring. I do it every chance I can. I love it and it is a lot easier on the knees than running was. It is not near as good for cardiovascularwise. It is hard to get your heart rate up.


Heather has joined me a lot also. She teaches Zumba and other exercise classes so often times she rides after teaching two or three classes and she is still ready to ride a bunch of miles.


On one of my rides, I got to the literal “End of the Trail.” Most trails end a little more gracefully than this. The end at a road or something. Oh well.


Lets get out of the sun for a little bit and head to Tulsa’s beautiful Woodward Park. The azaleas were in bloom recently. The park’s shrubs got freeze damaged a few years ago so they are re-establishing the vegetation and doing a very good job of it in my opinion. It is not up to what it used to be but it is on its way.


I know nothing about flowers, and blooms but I know what I like. It was opportunity for me to practice what I learned about depth of field and making have a “soft” background.


More practice!


The season doesn’t seem to last too long and the strong winds that we have been very hard on the blooms.

What have you been up to lately?

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16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Mid May 2018 Edition

  1. Janie

    Woodward Park looks beautiful. I love the azalea photos.
    Biking sounds like a good low-impact alternative to jogging. You could get great cardio if you had some hills to bike. We certainly have plenty of hills for bikers in Utah.

  2. Driller's Place

    Your depth of field practice is really paying off. Very nicely done Yogi. I have always loved Woodward Park. It is the crown jewel in the Tulsa park system. Have a blessed week-end.

  3. Pat

    You for both of you to bike ride together. Biking is very popular in Colorado and there are many challenging trails here that my neighbors bike with ease. Your azalea photos are beautiful!

  4. Alana

    It’s been many (well over 30) years since I have been to Woodward Park. Enjoyed your azalea pictures. In upstate New York, we aren’t that far behind you now – spring has accelerated at super speed.

  5. klara

    I’ll just say: rides AFTER zumba classes??? what is she, wonder woman??? 🙂 chapeau! flower shots are very nice.

  6. Peter

    The horses look happy! Beautiful flower shots, and glad you are getting in so many biking miles. Great job!!

  7. Gaelyn

    Great end of the trail shot. You need more elevation change to get that heart pumping more. Those azaleas are stunning with a nice soft bokeh.

  8. LaVoice

    I am lost when it comes to computers. I know very little about blogs or how they really work. My blog was setup by some one else years ago and what I do, I do daily. I have been able to link in to Skywatch AND OTHERS without any problem until today. Something about invalid URL and wants me to go to InLinkz. No idea what they are talking about. This is why I am not linked in today.

  9. Kay L. Davies

    A little crown of cloud above the horse’s head in an otherwise perfect sky! And the flowers need nothing from me…they are perfect in themselves.
    My young brother rides every day. I’m sure he has a month’s worth of different bicycles, and he is very often out on a ride to raise money for one charity or another, but usually cancer research because he is a cancer survivor. I’m hoping he won’t be out riding a hundred miles the weekend I arrive for a visit!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, and the glimpse into your life.
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

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