Scavenger Hunt Friday – Camo Edition



Geocaching is my hobby. It involves hiding an finding “caches” that are hidden in various places. There are over two million such geocaches worldwide now. Some of them are cleverly hidden. See the mushrooms on the log above. One of them is not real. 


Voila, there it is!



I run in a few road races ever year. The past few years some of the bystanders have come up with some nutty and entertaining signs. Yes, I take a camera when I run. As slow as I run it doesn’t slow me down very much.

Old Style

Petroleum Club of Tulsa #bankruptcy #old_school

I’m in the energy industry. Back in the day I would probably be a member of the Petroleum Club and spend my late afternoons drowning down gin and tonics at the Petroleum Club. The energy business is booming and the Tulsa Petroleum Club went into bankruptcy a few years ago. Times have changed!! Too much work to do now. I’d just as soon go home to the family and so would most of my coworkers.


Lots of people dress up as zombies or such for the road races that I run. I love the craziness of it all.



This is Ginger our mostly Dachsund. She is a rescue dog and is not the least bit grateful. We love her anyway. I have a camera that can pics in Sepia. So that is kind of monochromatic isn’t it. Apologies but no retractions all around if I’m wrong. I’m often wrong you see.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

19 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Friday – Camo Edition

  1. DrillerAA09

    As always, a great set of images Yogi. Love the “Worst Parade Ever”. Yep, the Petroleum Club was “The Club” in the sixties and seventies. Since I was never in the energy business, I was only in the club for a few evening charity events. There is no telling how many multi-million dollar deals were done in that building over the “three martini lunch.”

  2. Sylvia K

    I always love the pics you come up with and your commentary always starts my day with a giggle, a smile or an out and out belly laugh!! Thanks as always for another great start for my day!! Have a great week!

  3. Lois Evensen

    What a cute pup. 🙂

    The grands are into geocaching now in the DC area and are having a great time with it.

    Happy Sunday from Port Canaveral.

    All the best,

  4. Ida

    I like your set very much. How would you be able to tell that mushroom wasn’t real. That would be hard for me for sure.
    I loved your Old Style shot, it just looked cool.
    Also the Haphazard with all those differently dressed people is fun.
    Your little Ginger dog is a cutie. So happy you gave her a good home. I know she loves you for it.

  5. Leedslass

    The boy done good Yogi! My English mistress would be horrified at my mangled grammar in just that one sentence:-)
    Just in case you misunderstand, I mean school mistress – not sure whether you call teachers “master or mistress”.

  6. Ellen

    Love the fake mushroom! I wish I were clever. I signed up for a St. Patrick’s 5K and I’ll definitely be taking my camera along. I’m hoping to break my last time of 58 minutes which will still leave me with plenty of photo taking time.

  7. Sandy Carlson

    My favorite of your weekly posts! Last is first for me. I think Ungrateful Rescue Mostly Dachshund is a breed or at least a secret society of MDs. We have one, and he may be communicating telepathically with Ginger because they seem to know how to strike the same “How DO I put up with you?” look.

    That road race must be a gas. Our runners take themselves very seriously in CT. A zombie race would be a radical departure for most, I’d say.

    That geocache under the moss is about the best I’ve ever seen.

    Thanks for the fun.

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