Skywatch Friday – New Views!!

Here is my big news this week.


I had a great cubicle that faced the west for years at work and I loved it. Then years ago, I got an “upgrade” a nice office in the interior of the building but no window, just gas company beige. Don’t get me wrong. I was glad to have it but I missed by window. Since then I have moved around but always with a beige view and last week I finally got an outside view again. To the south, not the west but I will take it. I can see a slice of the Arkansas River and Turkey Mountain. So I am happy. I’d have been happy without the view, but you know what I mean.


Having an outside view certainly makes a difference to me. How about you?

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26 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – New Views!!

  1. DrillerAA

    Yes, a view is essential to a good work environment. I worked in a basement office for six months. It was depressing. I like your view of University Towers. I was wondering if it was still around. Have a blessed week.

  2. Penelope Puddlisms

    It’s a little claustrophobic being in any room without a window. I’m glad you’ve got an interesting view now with changing skies so your eyes can get a break, now and then, from the task at hand!

  3. Peter B.

    Yes, I really need an outside view to keep my sanity, and so glad you have yours back (view, that is :-). Beautiful shots, and I really like your view of the Arkansas River!

  4. junieper2

    Thank you for your comment – so interesting, you should tell some of your dad’s stories on your blog!!
    About your office – congrats! I need a window in my office (when I was still working)) otherwise I would feel couped up!
    They say it has to do with light sensitivity. Some who have it, need a certain amount of light, otherwise they get depressed (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Jesh StG

  5. Joyful

    Awesome sights. I agree that having a view while at work is a wonderful perk. I was fortunate to have one at times but that was before I carried my camera everywhere, lol. Have a wonderful weekend Yogi.

  6. Alana

    That window view is so important. I went nearly 10 years, once, without a window. I had a job once where my view was a small, enclosed urban courtyard, decorated mostly in years of pigeon “guano”. I lasted three months in that job.

  7. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    i’m glad you got your window view again. (Or at least A window view, if not the same one). I remember thinking it was sad when they promoted you and at the same time took that little perk away! My desk back in the previous century before we retired) was by a window that looked onto an atrium in the middle of the building … kind of comparable to seeing birds in a cage as opposed to ones flying around in the forest. it was outdoors, but not really. But that was long ago.

  8. Gaelyn

    I couldn’t stand having an office with no window(s). Even at home my desk has to face windows or doors. I need the light. Besides, I also need a view if I’m stuck inside. Glad you worked your way back to a window.

  9. klara

    congratulations!! I always envied views that you had. this isn’t bad view at all. having outside view and being able to open a window means much to me.

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