Our World Tuesday – Yellowstone Park’s Gibbon Falls

I have been out of pocket for a few days. My sister Ellen  who works as a seasonal Park Ranger in West Yellowstone, Montana for the Yellowstone National Park  invited me up for a few days for a chance to see a bit of the park with her. She loves sharing the park. 

Gibbon Falls 2_DSC0489-Edit

One of the first things we looked at was Gibbon Falls on the Gibbon River. A beautiful 84 foot drop of the Gibbon River.  This is the view from a bit downriver.

Gibbon Falls 1_DSC0486-Edit

The Gibbon  River is about 25 miles long and starts near the center of the park at the outlet of Grebe Lake and confluences with the Firehole River to form the Madison River.

Gibbon River 1_DSC0482-Edit

This is a view of the river downstream of the falls as it flows toward the Firehole River. I came across a post talking about how the Park Service is starting a process to remove non-native fish like rainbow and brown trout from the river and re-introduce native species such as cutthroat trout. They are starting later this month and is expected to continue to 2020 or 2021.  I love these kind of projects.

 Ellen tells me that the week I was there the visitor count had dropped off presumably because of schools starting. The park had the fewest people I have ever seen on my visits there. That being said, the parking lots fill up early and so you need to get up get out early to go see what you want to see.

Ellen - Norris_DSC0495-Edit
My sister Ellen

This is just a small bit of all that we saw in my few days at Yellowstone. I am trying to break my visit down into bite sized pieces to make it easier on me, and hopefully you.

This was maybe my fifth time to Yellowstone and the first time I didn’t just do a drive by, and instead got to hike a little and spend some time getting to see things. When I was a kid, we did the standard 1960’s thing and just breezed on by and maybe stopped to see Old Faithful and maybe a few thermal features but then it was back in the car and head out.

How about you? Have you ever been?

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19 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday – Yellowstone Park’s Gibbon Falls

  1. Driller's Place

    There is nothing quite as pleasant to the senses as spending time with your family in the great outdoors. Wonderful images. School started here in Arkansas this past week and the colleges are starting this week, so most of the summer vacationing has come to an end. Have a blessed week.

  2. Angie

    Yes, we have been to Yellowstone with our kids when they were much younger … we combined it with a trip to the Tetons – and we did a thorough job of exploring both. Magnificent!

  3. Eileen Wise

    I love Yellowstone! Beautiful waterfalls. I love the view of the river. Your sister is pretty. I have been to Yellowstone twice and would love to go back again. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. Gaelyn

    Always wonderful to have your own private Ranger, and sister, to show you around. I’ve only been to Yellowstone once, 1980 on my hitchhiking honeymoon, so didn’t see near enough. Really looking forward to more.

  5. Jeanna

    No I haven’t been but would love to, especially after seeing these magical pictures. Everything is so clean and golden. Love the sun flare.

  6. Pat

    How wonderful to have your sister as a guide, Yogi! I’m sure she knows the less visited yet gorgeous places in the park to hike to and I’ve enjoyed seeing your photos also on Instagram. We stayed a few nights in West Yellowstone, MT, on our visit to the park a few years ago and enjoyed the town very much. I especially loved all the second hand bookstores there!

  7. Sallie

    Park Rangers rock!!! Your sister has a wonderful workplace! So glad she shared it with you and you with us … last time we were in Yellowstone it was Fall and I think that’s the perfect time to be there. Although our youngest son has been there in the Winter and loved it I am not (and never was) up to snowmobile touring, no matter how amazing the scenery. Thank you for sharing the beauty and the memories.

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