Yogi’s Deficit Reduction Plan

Hey, are you fed up with Obama and Palin, the Red States and the Blue States, Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow, and all the finger pointing and yelling, screaming, crying, and just general bellyaching going on these days about health care and the cost of health care and deficits and who is at fault and blah, blah, blah.

The New York Times has a link where you can balance the deficit yourself. Try it out here, I did. It only takes a few minutes.


Appoint me and my able sidekick Kings for a day. Just 24 hours and he and I will solve the nations financial problems. And we work cheap.

Through a carefully selected blend of selective deep cuts in Spending and and increases in Taxes. I will have angered the left who think we can just print money clear to the moon and the right who worship tax reductions but don’t want to cut spending.

We are going to have to work longer before retiring, we are going to pay taxes on medical insurance benefits, its going to be a pain in the butt, but(t) we can do it, together. We’ll preserve Medicare, at drastically lower benefits. I’m keeping Social Security but you are going to work until 68 to get it. The military is getting shrunk, a bunch. We are cutting the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m getting rid of farm subsidies (big secret they go mainly to multi-billion dollar companies not struggling family farms.) Earmarks are gone. I’m cutting the Federal workforce by 10%. The nuclear arsenal is getting cut in half. The Navy is losing a bunch of ships, the Air Force a couple of fighter wings.

What are the results? Check out the details of my plan here.

Basically the way I’m going to run the country is that we’ll go from a 2015  revenue shortfall of 418 billion to a surplus of over $200 billion. It’ll be worth it even though everybody will hate me.

By 2030 we will have a balanced budget from a project shortfall of 1.345 Trillion Dollars.

Try the link out and tell me what you end up with.

9 thoughts on “Yogi’s Deficit Reduction Plan

  1. Dawn

    Okay, I didn’t do the plan, but I may.

    But, I could be on board with your plan and not be mad at you. =) What I liked about it was that you suggested that people actually WORK!!!! LOL!

    Great post, Yogi!

  2. Janie

    Cute photo of you two.
    I did that same NYT worksheet, and I was surprised that some reasonable changes could bring the budget under control. Sure, there will be some pain, but at least we won’t leave our grandkids in an untenable situation.

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