Instant Family with Mark Wahlberg

We went to see Instant Family over the weekend. A great movie about a childless couple who decide to adopt a group of three siblings. They sure didn’t know what they were getting themselves into as they deal with various “issues”with the three kids of widely varying ages who had been bouncing around “the system” for some time. I really love this movie and recommend it highly.

One thought on “Instant Family with Mark Wahlberg

  1. Driller's Place

    We saw it yesterday. Tuesday is $5 movie day here…well maybe $5.50. We did enjoy the movie even though the language was a little rough. I’m sure it is accurate in this day and age, but still some of the language was beyond the PG-13 rating. The story line and the characters were excellent and we truly have no idea what some kids must suffer through as they navigate the child welfare system.

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