First Hike of 2019


New Years Day I skipped the various organized runs and polar bear plunges and go on a facebook organized hike on Turkey Mountain but I had to change by plans when I was ten minutes late for the hike so I just went by myself. Which is fine, I like to go at my own pace and take photos and there were a couple of geocaches I wanted to try and find.


It was frigid as you can see from this surface skim ice on the wet part of the trail. It gets cold in Oklahoma but almost always a few days later it warms up pretty good.


I stayed on the eastern side of the park. It has the best views, it also had a little bit of wind compared to the more secluded areas. I was bundled up pretty good though. I’ve got a lot of excellent cold weather gear that I have accumulated over the years.


There were not very many people. I saw one or two trail runners, several couples hiking, and only a few mountain bikers.


I ended up with about five and a half miles and looked for two caches and found one. I have found almost all the geocaches on Turkey Mountain that don’t require climbing equipment or a ladder to reach. I used to try and get those on my own but as I have got older I realize that gravity is not necessarily my friend.

I had a good time and went home to warm up. I am linking with Our World Tuesday

11 thoughts on “First Hike of 2019

  1. Vicki

    Looks like a very nice, peaceful place to spend some time. Congratulations on finding one of the two caches!
    I doubt I would find one 🙂

  2. Sallie

    Sounds like a great way to start the New Year to me! Except for the cold of course, cuz I am a weather wimp. I like reading about Turkey Mt and am always so glad for you and others that those paths are still there.

  3. Hootin Anni

    Well congrats on the geocache! Oh my, what a wonderful area to walk. I’d prefer alone time in a quiet, peaceful place like this. Not sure about the icy surfaces tho…I’m a wuss.

  4. martha z

    I agree, gravity is not our friend, but a good trail is.
    Our son took me hiking New Years day. It was the first decent hike I’d had in about two years. It felt good.

  5. Angie

    Happy New Year! Personally, I prefer hiking in very small groups – 2 to 4 people – more than that and I lose my sense of being in nature. In fact, most of the ‘nature’ gets scared off by all the noise. I love seeing all the downed leaves from the oak trees, which is a tree we don’t have out here in Montana. I hope 2019 brings you joy and peace!

  6. Driller's Place

    You’re right about gravity. I don’t put Christmas lights on the roof anymore because the roof is steep and the ground is hard. I am no longer interested in any task that requires a step ladder taller than 8 feet and I may scale back to s feet in a year or two.

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