Skywatch Friday – Oklahoma Winter Riviera Edition

View from my office building to the west. The sunset reflected in the Arkansas River.

It’s been warm this week here in Tulsa. No coat, maybe a jacket in the morning, walk around in shirt sleeves at lunch. Something is messed up about that. Except to me, I like it.

The Petroleum Club Building, kitty corner to where I work, has balconies on the top two floors. The Petroleum Club has been gone for some time. I think the livers of the members all gave out from the early afternoon gin and tonics. Some sort of internet based company took over the space. They took out all the walls, carpet, and ceilings and called it good. I’ve been in the space during a fund raiser. They have ping pong tables and refrigerators and workstations everywhere. They also have the balconies and late afternoon on nice days there are lots of people out there. I hate every one of them, and wish I was over there at the same time.

This is a little shaded area right next to the Arkansas River as it flows through Tulsa. It looks almost summery. We are going to get lower temps here in the next few days and maybe some rain. I can take cold wind and rain and you can keep your snow and ice.

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22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Oklahoma Winter Riviera Edition

  1. klara

    there will be a significant quantity of nice photos from your office, given its views and the fact that you often have nice sunsets.

  2. Alana

    Beautiful picture of the Arkansas with sunset reflection; sunsets and water are such a wonderful combination. I envy you your warmth; I just can’t seem to feel warm lately. Winter can’t end soon enough for me!

  3. Jeanna

    So many rich and warm colors streaming down the sky and into the river. Beautiful. We had some beautifully “warm” weather here for a while so the last few frigid days seem like punishment or a practical joke or something.

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