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I was out and about Sunday afternoon out in the country west of Tulsa when I encountered a sign farm. It was a bunch of long forgotten old gas station signs arranged in a giant semicircle in a field out in the middle of nowhere.


I passed this once before last spring on first Bike Run, the Tour de Cure 2018. We passed it and I remember being very interested but being my first ride I didn’t feel like stopping and taking photos.


Remember the days of full service gas stations? You’d drive in and run over the cable making the bell ring, and somebody would be right out and you’d tell them to fill it up. They’d check the oil and fill the windshield washer tank. Ah, them were the days.

Somebody has spent a bunch of money not just collecting the signs but restoring them to mint condition and then installing them. To whoever you are, I salute you!!

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12 thoughts on “Our World – Sign Farm

  1. Driller's Place

    This is just tool cool for words. There is another collection along I-44 between Springfield, MO & St. Louis. However, I don’t believe they are as well organized and restored. Thanks for sharing this experience Yogi.

  2. Ellen

    I love coming across things like this. Bravo to whoever invested the time and money in this project. I think there’s a couple states that require full service at gas stations, you can’t pump your own gas. New Jersey and Oregon I believe.

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