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Orpha’s Lounge in downtown Tulsa. I’ve seen lots of scuzzy people going in and out. I’ve also seen lots of them passed out in front. If you are looking for a good place to go slumming, this might be it.


I was out west of Tulsa in Sand Springs looking for a geocache and spotted this sign. I sure didn’t dump anything there. We love our guns in Oklahoma! Gun owners have all sorts of rights in Oklahoma. The rest of us just need to stay out of their way.


This is the Rock Creek Bridge in Sapulpa. It is a landmark on Route 66. It runs several hundred miles in Oklahoma. That brick on the bridge deck is the original brick put in way back when. Route 66 no longer goes over the bridge. That is one thing I’ve learned about Route 66, the actual roads it goes over has changed continuously almost from the start.


A bison sculpture on Route 66. I love public art like sculptures.


A big tree out in the middle of an abandoned baseball field in Sapulpa.


I stopped by the an industrial area of downtown Tulsa to take a look at the Creek Hanging Tree. Over 200 years old and supposedly many a rustler and other criminals have been hung off the branches. Great story right? I can find almost know documentation of it. I googled it just now and number one on the list is a blog post I did several years ago.


I found this little rock hut about eleven miles from downtown Tulsa in Osage County.

How about you? What have you seen where you live lately?

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11 thoughts on “Tulsa Time – Out and About

  1. Sallie

    The bad and the beautiful! I miss the grace of bare trees… but I could do without the possible historical connection of this one.

  2. Hootin Anni

    The movie comes to mind…the hanging tree (also Marty Robbins’ song)

    And being that it’s way too early, my eyes aren’t focused…I thought I read OPRAH’S bar.

  3. Driller's Place

    I think everyone who has ever worked in downtown Tulsa knows about Orpha’s Lounge. It has been a dive bar for as long as I can remember. I need to get out more in my area, your tour of the area around Tulsa is just great! The tree in the abandon field is an image suitable for framing. Like you, I do enjoy public art. Great post Yogi.

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