Building a Monarch Waystation at Work


Last week a group of volunteers at work along with some people from A New Leaf put in a Monarch Waystation at our office in downtown Tulsa. I missed it because it was my day off.


There are guidelines to creating a Monarch Waystation. Click the link to find out what they are. All sorts of people and organizations are doing making them to help the Monarch Butterflies during their migration.

And here is a video from National Geographic about how to build one yourself. This is one gardening trend that I can get behind.

11 thoughts on “Building a Monarch Waystation at Work

  1. Sallie

    It’s great that your office did this, Alan. Gives a person hope for the future. I’ve forwarded this blogpost to family who are able to do something. (Pleading the old person card here… we can’t .)

  2. Ellen

    What a great idea! I just ordered my milkweed seeds so I can plant a butterfly garden out here.

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