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Your de Tulsa

So Saturday morning found me in Tulsa’s Tour de Cure, a benefit ride sponsored by the Tulsa Bicycle Club. They have five rides varying in length between eight and 101 miles. This is a ride rather than a race. So there is no competition or awards or any of that. I’ve run literally dozens of runs but this was only my second ride. There starting gun. Everybody is just standing around talking and then they start going.

Your de Tulsa

Today’s ride was a ride of left turns in traffic starting right away. At least the first one we had traffic control with the police. The rest of them we were on our own.

Your de Tulsa

So we cruised down Southwest Boulevard (aka Route 66) for a bit, taking up both lanes.

Your de Tulsa

And then turned right over the railroad tracks and got on Avery Drive heading west past the refineries, trash to energy plants, oilfield fabrication shops. Avery Drive is a popular ride for bicyclists which is great but some of them get run off the road or hit every few years but angry or distracted people. My prayer was just to survive it.

Your de Tulsa

No worries though. The motorists were courteous and gave us lots of room. So I’ll live to ride it another day. My problem is that I ride almost exclusively trails on my own. Roads make me nervous.

Your de Tulsa

I got stressed when Avery drive ended and we had to do two left turns to negotiate the very busy high 97 and 51 intersections. No choice but to get in the left turn lane and ignore the freight truck behind me, twice.

Your de Tulsa

So after all that we got to a rest stop. Time to get something to drink and a snack and rest a little bit. That’s me, the fat guy with the white over blue shirt or jersey.


And here is my old bike. You don’t see too many hybrid bikes on rides like this. Or bikes with rear view mirrors and a bell. Don’t you laugh at me!!

Your de Tulsa

And then back to it and we ended up winding our way through downtown Sand Springs. I was able to keep a few riders in front of me and they seemed to know the route because I didn’t see any obvious course markings or signs or anything.

Your de Tulsa

And we ended up on the Katy Trail that went most of the way back to Tulsa. No more city streets except the last mile or so.

The end is pretty low key. Since they don’t time or have awards, you just end your ride. Get something to eat and drink and go home.

I really enjoyed myself. Thank you to the sponsors, and organizers, and the army of volunteers who make these things happen.

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9 thoughts on “Our World – Tour de Tulsa 2019

  1. Ellen

    Very impressive…20 miles on a bike on city streets. You are braver than I. Looks like you had a good time.

  2. Pat

    Very impressive! I like that it can be a somewhat liesurely ride and not too competitive. I think you’ll enjoy doing this every year and will soon become a leader for the newcomers.

  3. Driller's Place

    Funny how our comfort in traffic changes as we age. When I was in Jr. High (six decades ago) I rode my bike to school from 28th and Pittsburgh (between Harvard & Yale) to Edison Jr. High at 41st street, between Harvard and Lewis. My route took me through the residential neighborhoods, but I thought nothing of crossing 31st and Harvard to get into the subdivisions. Like you, now I would just start in the neighborhoods and stay there. Glad you enjoyed the ride. Have a blessed week.

  4. Penelope Puddlisms

    What’s a bike without a bell? Trails are one thing but busy city streets, even with marked bicycle lanes, feel hazardous and I cycle them only for short distances. I admire those who put trust not just in themselves but also the drivers of cars who often are rushed and distracted.

  5. Lady Fi

    Good for you! I’ve got my old bike out and serviced it as I want to get back into cycling. But I’m sure my saddle used to be more comfortable than it is now!

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