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Buck Atom

Route 66 cuts right bisects Tulsa from east to west and we have a bunch of Route 66 monuments in Tulsa and the surrounding suburbs. Well we have one more. Buck Atom, a 21 foot tall statue holding a rocket marks the location of a tourist shop. It is right on Route 66 where it is 11th street just east of downtown Tulsa. Right next to Meadow Gold sign.

The unveiling was quite the scene with crowds of people and speeches. The mayor even showed up. Read all about it in local newspaper.

I love the goofiness of your typical Route 66 attraction. They are made with the express purpose of being an attraction. If you are going to do that, make it stand out is what I think and I think that is what Buck Atom does. Oh well, at least Buck Atom was done entirely with private money (as far as I know!)

Are you a Route 66 fan? I am kind of. I like the attractions and the many geocaches on the road but to get from point A to point B give me an interestate highway!!

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10 thoughts on “Our World – Buck Atom on Route 66

  1. Fun60

    You won’t be able to miss Buck Atom. Only travelled a little of Route 66 which seems to exist just for tourists these days.

  2. Angie

    If you’re going to do touristy schtick, you have to go big and good. Otherwise it truly is just cheesy and starts to look crappy before long. Buck Atom is in the Big and Good category! Love it!

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