ABC Wednesday – “U” is for Unions to Submarines

I don’t have a whole lot of “U” tags but here goes with what I found.


U is for United States Flag!!! Here is our flag along with a bunch of others snapping in the breeze at a local high school.


U is also for University Club Apartments here in Tulsa. It is the eight tallest building in Tulsa!! Okay, that is not impressive but it is also the first building in the US designed with a computer. Read about it in Wikileaks.


U is for Union Picketers!! For a long time we had these guys picketing a job downtown. Now, here is where this gets complicated. These are not carpenters or any other tradesmen or actual union members. These are homeless people recruited by a union to picket. I guess that the actual union members couldn’t be bothered. I explain it all here if you are interested. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem with unions.


U is for the USS Batfish, a World War II era submarine now on display in Muskogee and available for tours. Son and I have done it and it is very cool. Interesting story is that it is now refloated. During the floods the past week, it floated and broke the chains holding it and the community had to work together to keep it from floating away. Read about it here, and there is a video.

So that is all I have for U’s! Go check out others at ABC Wednesday

2 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – “U” is for Unions to Submarines

  1. Cathy Kennedy


    University is a good one for today’s prompt. Knoxville is a university town, home of the Tennessee Vols – go big orange!

    That was some flooding the mid-west got and how interesting the sub floated. It’s a good thing it was bound by chains. I would not have thought about that nor the reason for them but clearly, something of this size needs them for such an occasion. I bet more chains will be added after this scare.

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