2019 Broken Arrow Chalk it Up Art Festival


Saturday the family headed out to the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow to check out their “Chalk it Up Art Festival” held in conjunction with the Broken Arrow Rose Festival.


The event is held on Main Street in downtown Broken Arrow (aka the Rose District). Contestants use chalk and create their works right on the street. It is pretty amazing and it looks to me like a lot of work.


They had a lot of entries, maybe over thirty or so. The only other time we came was years ago and they had maybe a dozen.


They were very colorful and showed a wide variety of themes.


Unfortunately it started sprinkling when we got there so I turned into a man on a mission, photographing almost all of them before it started raining so I was not able to go back and study them in more detail. Plus there were a ton of vendors set up in tents selling all sorts of interesting arts, crafts, and other things. We usually try and check those out also but not this time.


So just as I finished it started sprinkling pretty heavy and we had parked a ways away so we headed back to the car. Turns out that maybe we should have not left so quickly but oh well. I didn’t care if I got wet I was more worried about my camera.


I liked this one showing some of the flora and fauna of Oklahoma.


And Tulsa’s iconic Golden Driller.

Here is a link to my last visit to Chalk it Up seven years ago.

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13 thoughts on “2019 Broken Arrow Chalk it Up Art Festival

  1. Ellen

    These are amazing! I’m always impressed by artists who can create such beauty so quickly. Kind of sad that the rain came and washed them away.

  2. Fun60

    You can’t help but feel sorry for the artists. All that hard work disappearing in the rain. I liked the flower one the best.

  3. Mary

    So much work and to have it sprinkle right after. What a shame. At least you were able to capture them with your camera. My favorites are always the ones where it looks like there is a hole in the gr ound.

  4. Pat

    Some amazing chalk art there! I give them credit for being able to do this on hands and knees.
    Denver has an annual chalk art festival too, but we had a special birthday so didn’t go this year.

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