Small Town Skywatch – Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Sapulpa Building 5

Last weekend I was in the Tulsa suburb of Sapulpa. I had never spent much time in the downtown area before and I was surprised to see many attractive older buildings that were well maintained and seemed to have many businesses in them along with apartments on the upper floors. The main street is also part of Route 66 as it winds its way through town.

Sapulpa Building 2  County Courhouse
Creek County Courthouse

And all under some intense deep blue skies and big fluffy white clouds.

Sapulpa Building 1
Renovated Apartment Building

So I enjoyed my walk up and down downtown Sapulpa. I am convinced that towns, big and small, need a vital and thriving downtown for the city as a whole to be successful.

I have some more photos I will share later.

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14 thoughts on “Small Town Skywatch – Sapulpa, Oklahoma

  1. Jeanna

    I love the looks of those pics, very pretty in an eerie way. So OK is usually bleached by now? Is that making way for fall or because it gets so hot? Hope your visit is fun and tornado free.

  2. Alana

    I totally agree with your observations about downtowns. It breaks my heart when we drive through a downtown and it is vacant building after vacant building. (The small city where I work, Binghamton, New York, was like that when I started my job 21 years ago but is on its way back up). I am not sure I was ever through Sapulpa when I lived near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border years ago, but I enjoyed seeing those old buildings.

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