You Can Keep Your Yeti

33 years ago I paid about 33 bucks for this cooler at a Target in Oklahoma City to use for a company picnic. My wife and I used it this past weekend for a trip. We packed it full of food and sprinkled a couple bags of ice in it and later in the day when we unpacked our food, the contents were still cold and most of the ice was still frozen.
I guess I’ll keep it a few more years.

6 thoughts on “You Can Keep Your Yeti

  1. Linda

    I have a small one that I use frequently, including for shopping trips where we buy ice cream. It can melt pretty quickly in the summer so the cooler helps.

  2. Ellen

    Ours are quite old too and working great. I don’t really understand the cost of the Yetis and they aren’t even bear proof.

    Last time Jillian was here she looked up our small six-pack cooler on eBay and she said we could probably sell it for $30. Apparently the older coolers are in demand. I think I’ll keep ours though.

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