Skywatch Friday – Hiking along String and Leigh Lakes in Grand Teton National Park


On our final day last week of our Jackson Hole trip we had a relatively early checkout time from our condo and a pretty late in the day flight back to Tulsa.


So we got up, cleaned out and checked from where we were staying, got breakfast, grabbed our bear spray and headed up north of Jenny Lake for a final hike along String and Leigh Lakes. A hike that a Ranger we had talked to was easy. It was pretty darn cold, and the trail was snowy but off we went.


It was cold and we were by ourselves but gradually we started seeing more people. Never enough to make it feel crowded. I had read in an online trailguide where somebody had come across a grizzly bear lolling around in the lake near the trailhead.


So we had an invigorating hike, on alert and cold but gradually we relaxed.


It helped that the scenery was stunning. Yeah we were away from the big Teton mountains but these were no slouches and the water was crystal clear and blue.

My glamorous wife, Heather

We allotted enough time to go about 2 miles up the trail and return. You can tell that Heather is pretty happy above.

We discussed for a minute or two whether that was people across the lake or bears.

Last year I spent a few days with my sister, who was working as a seasonal Ranger at Yellowstone Park at West Yellowstone. She took me on a few hikes in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and it really opened up my eyes to just how beautiful and wild the parks are when you get out of your car and venture down a trail a few miles. So this year Heather and I followed down a couple of the trails Ellen took me on last year and found one ourself. We’ll be back!!


What a great treasure our National Parks are. October is a great time to visit, if you can. Dress warm is what I say!!

The other thing I say is rent the bear spray, instead of buying it. We rented them for $7 a day, max $28 and then we just took them back when we were done. If you fly in, you can’t fly back out with it and I was worried about how to dispose of it properly if you buy it and you are flying back.

So I am not going to do trip in chronological order. I will do them as I feel led. I am not an organized blogger who has his act together, but I think that you have already figured that out.

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19 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Hiking along String and Leigh Lakes in Grand Teton National Park

  1. Eileen Wise

    Wow, gorgeous views of Jenny Lake and the Tetons. They really are grand. Pretty shots of your wife and the mountains. Thanks for hosting. Wishing you a great day and weekend ahead!

  2. Pat

    I love the Jenny Lake area as has so many wonderful hikes. We didn’t have bear spray when we hiked there so we walled along saying “bear bear bear” really loud to scare away any that could be around–silly us! The cold front at that time was pretty severe so it’s great that you were able to still do as much as you did!

  3. Peter B.

    Beautiful photos of a spectacular location. I’ve only visited once, and I remember hiking along lakes with mountains in the background. Pure beauty!! Bears scare me. Renting the spray is a good tip.

  4. LaVoice Morgan

    Was there once and truly loved it. However, did not hike or get out as you did. Lovey part of the world. Thank you so much for you comment to my post. Makes this 90 year old very happy.

  5. Joyful

    It’s very beautiful. I always fantasize about such hikes but am a wimp when it comes to possibly coming across wildlife up close and personal.

  6. bill burke

    Stunning scenery, beautiful photos! Glad you didn’t need that bear spray and I never knew you could rent it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip, I enjoyed your photos.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. MaryBeth Schwartz

    Beautiful beautiful!

    Our National Parks are just great—anywhere you go in our great country. I have only been on the west coast. Glorious shots you have taken—plus a beautiful Heather (wife).

  8. Junieper/Jesh

    One of these locations where I keep hearing about, but haven’t made it there yet. Snow already? Wow, I think I would skip a winter visit! Stunning landscapes!

  9. Dee

    What a gorgeous place. Those lakes are quite a sight!
    Great reflection shots.

    Thank you for letting me know that October is a great time to visit. Keeping my fingers crossed for next year. 😉 Nice to know about renting Bear Spray. Thank you. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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