Our World – Hiking on Turkey Mountain

Turkey Mountain Cables
Those cables have been there a while!! They look like some sort of oilfield type thing to me.

We haven’t been very good churchgoers lately. At least to the kind of church with brick and mortars. This cold foggy morning I got up and attended the church of Turkey Mountain.

Turkey Mountain Wagon Wheel Lake
Wagon Wheel Lake (my name for it)

It was cold and it was foggy but I felt instantly at home. Getting outside is my way of reconnecting with myself and the infinite.

Turkey Mountain Seep
The seep from Wagon Wheel Lake. Hmm, whats up with the bright color and there is an oil sheen as well. Turkey Mountain used to be ranching, farming and oilfield way back when.

My brother is now in Tulsa at a skilled nursing facility but it is just another of the waypoints he will be on as he recovers. The skilled nursing facility he is in right now is well recommended but they are lacking in a number of things now that he is in it and it eats at me. Is any place good enough for a loved one?

Turkey Mountain Christmas Tree
I found me a Christmas Tree. Somebody told me that there was at least one ore on the mountain. Yes its cook but it is also graffiti. I hope whoever put the ornaments up, takes them down after the Christmas holidays.

And he is here only two more weeks and then he moves on to the next step. Will it be long term care or assisted living? Will he get better, or not?

December 2019 from Phone
Bicyclists. The Mountain Bikers are kind of hard to put up with but you know, that out volunteer everybody else by far on the Turkey Mountain work days.

The Church on Turkey Mountain doesn’t have any answers of course but it strengthens me for confronting these things.

One of the many abandoned oil wells on Turkey Mountain
The rod clamp has at least one bolt missing and another is loose. I am not too worried though.

Fortunately my sister, her husband, and my wife are strong partners in this.

I googled Skinner Jack Box and you know what. They are still in business, still making rod stuffing boxes. I sent them an email about his find. After decades their product is still at work.

Some things are too hard on our own.

Shale rocks just waiting to break somebody’s ankle. Turkey Mountain is a layer cake of this hard shale and softer sandstone. The sandstone is softer and erodes away leaving the shale to break apart.

So at the end of my hour and half I went to see brother Bob. He is doing okay. No therapy on Sunday. We talked a while, watched some football and then I left him to go home. He is very brave, he never complains about what life has dealt him. He has run 26 marathons and over a hundred half marathons so he knows what pushing through when the going gets tough entails.

He’ll get through this race as well.

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13 thoughts on “Our World – Hiking on Turkey Mountain

  1. Ellen

    The mountains are my church too. It’s where God speaks to me personally and gives me strength to carry on. No, I don’t think there’s anywhere good enough for our brother although that rehab hospital was pretty good. I’m not sure what the next transition will look like. I’m praying for assisted living, but that depends on how much he progresses in the next two weeks. Thanks to you and Heather for being close by and visiting him regularly. I wish I was closer.

  2. Sandra Nachlinger

    I’m going through a similar challenge with my husband. I hope your brother is better soon and able to go back home. Although it’s hard, we have to tell ourselves that our loved ones are in the best place they can be right now and we’re doing our very best for them. My hikes and walks bring me peace and keep me centered, too.

  3. Angie

    I understand about the church of the outdoors – sometimes it is easier to find Him there than in a building! The second photo in this post is stunning!

    Glad to hear that your brother is doing OK. Someone with internal personal strength has a HUGE advantage when trying to overcome health issues. I hope you found some peace and joy in Christmas. A merry one to you and yours!

  4. betty - NZ

    I so enjoyed your trek on Turkey Mountain. Your name for the lake is perfect 🙂
    Doing our best, especially for a loved one, never quite seems to be enough, but we have to come to grips with the fact that it’s all we can do. I will keep you all in my prayers.

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