Our World – Rock Creek Bridge on US66

Rock Creek Bridge is an old school truss type bridge located on the southwest side of the Tulsa suburb of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It is pretty fragile and not rated for automobile traffic any longer and US66 traffic roars by on the adjacent modern bridge and you can park here and inspect it all you want and imagine the hundreds of thousands of cars who passed over it on vacations and work trips. Maybe you drove over it at some point. I love the old Route 66 landmarks such as this.

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12 thoughts on “Our World – Rock Creek Bridge on US66

  1. Eileen

    Hello, It is a nice looking bridge. Is there a pipe running along side the bridge? Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  2. Sallie

    Great the way the dried grasses pick up the rust tones of the bridge…wonderful picture evoking memories somehow even though I’ve never seen it. (But do love the remaining Rte 66 icons on the parts of it we have traveled.).

  3. Sandra Nachlinger

    There’s a similar bridge near our home, open only to pedestrians. It spans the Green River and is a great place to watch salmon spawning. Thanks for sharing your lovely photo.

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