Our World – Mystery House 2016

For good or bad I have over 75,000 images in my archives. Of these, maybe three or four are really good. But I’m keeping all of them. The thing about image archives is that if they are not tagged then they are not of any use. even though I can literally remember taking every single one of the photos. Every once in a while I run across one that I don’t remember like the following.


When I am sitting down commenting on posts and such I also open up my untagged photo part of my archive. I have over 10,000 photos without tags. At least I have dates to kick start my my memory and I jump around the dates to keep things interesting. Doing that I came across the above photo. No tags but a date of April 17, 2016. Also, I can tell that I edited the photo and probably posted it on instagram. I started to remember being in New Orleans back then and taking a street car from downtown to Audubon Park and seeing this bar. And then I started looking at other photos I uploaded that day.

Update, Mystery Solved, In the great way that Al Gore’s Interwebs works, a facebook friend of mine, had a friend, a professional photographer who lives in New Orleans who knew immediately that this was the Circle Bar on St. Charles Avenue. I love serendipity.

French Quarter, April 2016

This bar with the beautiful doors and mysterious interior. New Orleans is a photographers paradise.


These prehistoric looking birds at Audobon Park. Cormorants. Their feathers get wet so they hang them out there like that to dry them out. Good luck drying anything in New Orleans, the air is so thick and humid.


And the big beautiful trees. The park itself is not that much. Hardpacked ground and kind of scruffy. That is just like most of the south though and that is its appeal.


And the streetcars. It’s hard to take a bad photo of a New Orleans street car.


K Paul’s restaurant in the French Quarter. A few years before my wife was with me and we had dinner there. We ate at one of the tables on the balcony. We spent hours and a had a great time. One of the most expensive dinners I ever had and worth every dime.


Even the bicycles have style in New Orleans.

As you can tell I am a big fan of the city. I hope to be back soon. Meanwhile I am linking with Our World Tuesday

13 thoughts on “Our World – Mystery House 2016

  1. Sallie

    We love New Orleans as well. One trouble with flying back and forth is that we miss all the great possible stops on the way. We’ve stayed several times there over the years and never tired of it. Who could? Thanks for the memories!

  2. Penelope Notes

    New Orleans “scruffy” or otherwise is steeped in history … and those wonderful trees … exquisite ancients that look like a grand canopy to walk beneath.

  3. Driller's Place

    It’s been a few years, maybe over a decade, since I last visited “Nawlins”. I was there for the American Institute of Architects national convention. I took a tour of several residences that was most interesting. One thing about living below sea level, they come to expect 2″-4″ of flood water in their homes from time to time. They just clean it up and move forward. The food is first class, the music is great, and the photo opportunities are endless.
    You can keep Burbon Street. It has become a tourist trap and they try to recreate Mardi Gras every night and it just doesn’t work for me. Still, I would go back and see the sights.

  4. Angie Winter

    Alan – a dreamy walk down memory lane. Isn’t it wonderful how one photo can take us to places of mystery, love and fine dining? Not to mention snazzy bicycles!

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