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I took a little bit different route to work the other day. I wanted to drive up Riverside Drive parallel to the Arkansas River for some reason.

January 2020

When I got to the river I saw Turkey Mountain covered up with mist so I pulled off the road and took this photo. I thought it would be neat to be up in the misted part but hey I had to go to work.

Want to see what the opposite view was. I turned 180 degrees and this is what I saw.

Rain Traffic-2-1-Edit

And that is why we call Turkey Mountain an Urban Wilderness. It’s a refuge in the midst of madness.

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11 thoughts on “Our World – Traffic

  1. Pat

    The Arkansas River looks so large where you are! I blogged about one of the Colorado towns it passes through and the mountains that form the headwaters.

    I can see why Turkey Mountain is a refuge!

  2. Margy

    We are about to return to Southern California for the second part of our Snowbird RV Adventure. It will be a huge shock to be in such a busy place after being home for six weeks in our small town. – Margy

  3. Penelope Notes

    The misty mountain is beautiful but part of that mist is probably due to all the greenhouse gas emissions from all the traffic. We humans sure know how to spoil a good thing. On the other hand, we need to get to our jobs somehow.

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